Minimail 2.1.1

Minimail 2.1.1 Screenshot Minimail is a small, easy to use email composer and sender.

Developer:   Pawsoft
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Minimail is a small, easy to use email composer and sender.

It provides a quick and easy way to write and send emails without the need to open your bulky, full-featured email client. Features include: file attachments, multiple accounts, signatures, logging, SMTP authentication, undo and redo, minimise to system tray and more.


  • Compose and send emails in seconds without the need for a bulky mail client
  • Multiple accounts for sending email from more than one email address
  • Send emails to multiple recipients, includes CC and BCC ability
  • Automatically add a signature to the end of emails
  • Minimise to the taskbar or system tray
  • Logging of sent messages and previous recipients

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    Minimail 2.1.1 screenshot

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