system software

SelfImage SelfImage
Kurt Fitzner

SelfImage is the little hard drive utility with big aspirations.

uniCSVed 1.1 uniCSVed 1.1
Sam Francke

uniCSVed, is an Unicode compatible CSV editor.

Bulk File Renamer 1.01 Bulk File Renamer 1.01

Bexonsoft Bulk File Renamer is a free software application which saves time when renaming archives of files such as graphic files from cameras or the internet and any file extension that windows recognizes.

ProgramLaunch 3.2 ProgramLaunch 3.2

ProgramLaunch is a simple and easy to use application launchbar for the Windows operating systems.

Hnet Info DRIVES 1.0.0 Hnet Info DRIVES 1.0.0
Hnet Software, Ltd.

Watcher 2.35 Watcher 2.35
Olivier Lombart

The way Watcher works is pretty simple: basically, it starts by taking a snapshot of important parts of your Windows system; then it tracks changes (every time you log in, or whenever you want to).

ADRC Data Recovery Tools 1.0 ADRC Data Recovery Tools 1.0
Adroit Data Recovery Centre Pte Ltd

ADRC Data Recovery Tools includes a collection of DIY data recovery tools that supports a wide variety of drives and file systems (NTFS of FAT) for Windows.

D-Plus+software Cleaner 2007 D-Plus+software Cleaner 2007

D-Plus+Software Cleaner 2006 can permanently delete the history of your Internet and past computer activities.

Files Compare Tool 2.7 Files Compare Tool 2.7
Stas Semenov Soft

Files Compare Tool is a visual utility for the comparison of files and directories.

XP CD-R/RW Properties 1.0.004 XP CD-R/RW Properties 1.0.004
busTRACE Technologies

busTRACE Technologies has developed a simple utility that allows you to view details about your CD-Recorder and the media that is inserted into the drive.

SpaceMonger 1.4 SpaceMonger 1.4
Sean Werkema

SpaceMonger is a free and powerful tool for keeping track of the free space on your computer.

KatMouse 1.03 KatMouse 1.03
Eduard Hiti

The prime purpose of the KatMouse utility is to enhance the functionality of mice with a scroll wheel, offering 'universal' scrolling: moving the mouse wheel will scroll the window directly beneath the mouse cursor (not the one with the keyboard focus, which is default on Windows OSes).

XP Shortcuts 1.0 XP Shortcuts 1.0
Maksim Sosnovskiy

Many simple activities in Windows XP involve opening too many menus.

ReadPlease 2003 1.1 ReadPlease 2003 1.1
ReadPlease Corporation

ReadPlease is an exciting text-to-speech application utilizing the best technologies in the world today.

SmartGesture Lite SmartGesture Lite
SmartGesture Lab

SmartGesture Lite.

EscapeClose 1.6 EscapeClose 1.6
SaNaPe Software

EscapeClose is an absolutely free small program, that enables you to close the active window by pressing the Esc button.

File Commander 2.0 File Commander 2.0
Cinnamon Software Inc.

File Commander will help you save time when organizing the files on your disk.

Nullsoft Beep 0.3 Nullsoft Beep 0.3
Nullsoft, Inc

Nullsoft Beep is an application that makes your computer sound like computers sound in the movies.

Disk Throughput Tester 1.2.9 Disk Throughput Tester 1.2.9
Object Software Ontwikkeling BV

BackUp Maker 5.1 SE BackUp Maker 5.1 SE
ASCOMP Software

BackUp Maker will help you to get an easy to use and complex backup system at the same time.

VICE 1.21 VICE 1.21

VICE is a program that runs on a Unix, MS-DOS, Win32, OS/2, Acorn RISC OS, QNX 6.

Comodo BackUp Comodo BackUp
Comodo Inc

Comodo BackUp - Automatic file backup and recovery for Windows XP / 2 Comodo BackUp is the straightforward and powerful application that will allow you to quickly and easily create backup copies of critical files.

Wild Rename 2.02 Wild Rename 2.02
CyLog Software

The application that was missing from Windows.

A Really Small App 2.0 A Really Small App 2.0

A fun and free Really Small App showing Running Tasks, Current Startups, and CPU & Memory utilization graphs.

Auto Run 1.00 Auto Run 1.00
Glenn Delahoy

Auto Run is a tool that helps you Auto Run your custom CDs.