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SpaceMonger 1.4 SpaceMonger 1.4
Sean Werkema

SpaceMonger is a free and powerful tool for keeping track of the free space on your computer.

Karen's Disk Slack Checker 2.5.2 Karen's Disk Slack Checker 2.5.2
Karen Kenworthy

Because of the way Windows allocates disk space, almost every file is given more disk space than it needs.

Cathy 2.24.2 Cathy 2.24.2
Robert Vasicek

Cathy is a useful and reliable disk cataloging application that you can use to index files stored on removable media (CD-ROMs, LS120, Iomega Zip and Jaz disks, or even diskettes) and create searchable catalogs that can be used without having to insert the CD.

Tetroniks VT LLC CopyrSoft de


JDiskReport 1.2.5 JDiskReport 1.2.5

JDiskReport enables you to understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives, and it helps you find obsolete files and folders.

DefragMentor Lite CL 5.0 DefragMentor Lite CL 5.0
DefragMentor Software

DefragMentor Lite CL is a free command line file defragmentation tool that will help you defragment a single file or a group of files as well as to obtain information on file and disk fragmentation.

ViVARD 1.0 ViVARD 1.0

ViVARD is a strong and easy-to-use application for low-level HDD diagnostics.

1394 Delayed Write Stress Tester 1.0.001 1394 Delayed Write Stress Tester 1.0.001
busTRACE Technologies

1394 Delayed Write Stress Tester will read/write/compare 128 sectors sequentially up to 1024 sectors (512K).

Roadkil's Sector Editor 1.4 Roadkil's Sector Editor 1.4

Sector Editor allows displaying, searching, editing and printing of disks by invidual sectors.

Partition Zapper 1.2 Partition Zapper 1.2
Meixler Technologies

Partition Zapper can delete hard disk partitions that Microsoft FDisk won't.

Mihov DiskFree 2.4 Mihov DiskFree 2.4
Miha Psenica

Mihov DiskFree is a program that shows free disk space in megabytes.

HDDlife plugin for Google Desktop 3.0.146 HDDlife plugin for Google Desktop 3.0.146
BinarySense, Ltd.

Not long time ago, Google presented their Google Desktop system.

Xinorbis 3.0 beta Xinorbis 3.0 beta
Paul A Freshney

Xinorbis is a simple but powerful hard disk analyser.

Disk Image Viewer 0.5 Disk Image Viewer 0.5
Kanex Group Inc

The Disk Image Viewer allows you to browse floppy and hard disk images in EXT2 (Linux) and FAT (DOS, Windows) file systems.

HD Checker 1.0 HD Checker 1.0
Stefano Grassi

HD Checker is an application for Windows 95/98/ME, NT 4.

Space Checker 5.0 Space Checker 5.0

Space Checker will scan your computers hard drive or any specified folder or drive attached to your computer, and reports back in a grid view, bar chart view or pie chart view exactly where your space is being used.

Stats 2000 1.8 Stats 2000 1.8
Contact Plus Corporation

3D animated no-nags disk utility that will take boring hard drive statistics and spice them up using 3D animation.

Executive Software

Free Utility - New Disk Performance Analyser for XP Networks Reports severe fragmentation related performance loss on your networked systems! The Performance Analyser provides never before available single-point analysis of systems requiring defragmentation attention to achieveoptimal performance.

Drive Info 1.0 Drive Info 1.0
TrollTooth Software

DriveInfo is a tiny little utility that queries space information about your drives.

DiskSizer 1.0 DiskSizer 1.0
Evil Systems

DiskSizer is a small but useful graphical tool that will allow you to view the hdd(s) into a pie chart that will show what is taking the most space.

Abaiko Disk Space Monitor 3 Abaiko Disk Space Monitor 3
Abaiko Software

Abaiko Disk Space Monitor is a program monitoring free space on the disks of your computer.

Free Disk Space 2.01c Free Disk Space 2.01c
Fabrice De Weerd

Free Disk Space is a free hard-disk utility.

DiskChecker 1.0 DiskChecker 1.0

DiskChecker allows you to check any removable media for errors.

PieSize PieSize
Jody Sankey

PieSize is a free and simple little utility that will graphically investigate disk usage.

Disk Optimise 1.0 Disk Optimise 1.0
Petros Pouroullis

Disk Optimise is a free application which helps optimize or partially optimize file allocation to a disk.