security software

PSM Decryptor 1.0 PSM Decryptor 1.0
Power Soft Makers

PSM Decryptor is a freeware program, an entirely graphical utility that sits on your desktop (if you want it too) and decrypts archive.

Privacy History Eraser 1.4 Privacy History Eraser 1.4

Privacy History Eraser is internet privacy software which helps secure your online privacy by eliminating commonly stored internet activity, which can be discovered by anyone using your computer.

iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security 2.06 iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security 2.06

Using powerful 256-bit AES encryption technology, the iOpus Private Internet Gateway (iPIG) creates a secure "tunnel" that protects your inbound and outbound communications (Email, Web, IM, VOIP, calls, FTP, etc.

iSafeguard Freeware 6.1.1 iSafeguard Freeware 6.1.1
MXC Software

iSafeguard is a free and powerful cryptographic application which enables you to protect your most valuable assets - information with strong encryption and authentication.

Extended Security Update Inventory Tool 4.5 Extended Security Update Inventory Tool 4.5

The SMS Extended Security Update Inventory tool is a scan utility built for the sole purpose of helping customers determine SMS client PCs that may need security updates that are not detectable using the existing SMS Security Update Inventory Tool built on MBSA.

Sim-da-King 1.0 Sim-da-King 1.0
Filip Lundeholm

Sim-da-King is extremely light-weight and is only 4KB in size! Sim-da-King will lock your computer and prevents children and pets from messing with it while your're away.

Toddler Keys .97 Toddler Keys .97
D. Schaeffer

Toddler Keys is a useful tool for parents that allows you to lock your computer keyboard, CD drive doors and power-off button.

Free Keylogger 1.10 Free Keylogger 1.10

Free Keylogger will record all keystrokes typed on computer in the secret log file on a hard disk.

FileShield 1.1 FileShield 1.1
Permission Research

FileShield, from Permission Research, lets you easily encrypt and decrypt specified files and folders using just one password.

Privacy Test 0.1 Privacy Test 0.1
ExtraMile Software

Do you protect your Internet Privacy? No, we mean, really protect it! Now you can find out - simply use our Privacy Tester and see if your "privacy software" really does its job! Using our innovative tool, you may scan index.

Add/Remove program cleaner 2.0 Add/Remove program cleaner 2.0

Add/Remove program cleaner is a free and useful program that allows you to clean up the Add/Remove programs list in the control panel.

Shared Resource Password Recovery 2.3 Shared Resource Password Recovery 2.3
den fete gjengen

Shared Resource Password Recovery will try to recover passwords from shared resources on Windows Network Neighborhood.

ClipSecure 1.2 ClipSecure 1.2
Argosy Media

ClipSecure is a simple, secure, freeware text encryption utility that operates with the Windows clipboard, and therefore can be used within any text-based program and most email clients.

Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker 1.00 Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker 1.00
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker will help you get rid of unwanted spam forever that advertiser sue it abusively on IP adresses on all Internet.

Safety.Net 3.61.0002 Safety.Net 3.61.0002


nPassword nPassword
Nikola Dachev

nPassword was designed to be the ultimate portable password manager It is light, standalone, portable and more secure than most of it's competitors.

IE Asterisk Password Uncover 1.8.5 IE Asterisk Password Uncover 1.8.5
Nsasoft llc

Internet Explorer Asterisk Password Uncover allows you to view passwords hidden with asterisks in password fields in web pages and ActiveX controls.

DelEmpty 1.1 DelEmpty 1.1

List and delete empty folders just by using DelEmpty Here are some key features of "DelEmpty": ยท Show filecount, foldercound, programcount and size of files and subfolders.

KL-Detector 1.3 KL-Detector 1.3
Yohanes Aristianto

Use KL-Detector to find out whether your activity is being recorded without your knowledge.

DeleteOnClick 1.0 DeleteOnClick 1.0

When you delete a file or folder using Windows, it is usual for the file or folder to be moved to the Recycle Bin (Trash).

Traces Viewer 1.20 Traces Viewer 1.20
Invention Pilot, Inc

When you browse different web-pages using Internet Explorer it stores their URLs and even their content including images and other media on your computer`s hard drive.

Quicky Password Generator 1.2 Quicky Password Generator 1.2
Quicky Software

The Quicky Password Generator is fast, efficient, small and it is free!.

Caffe1ne 1.5 Caffe1ne 1.5
Loonies Software

Caffe1ne is a tiny utility to prevent your PC screen from locking.

Password Agent Lite 2.6.3 Password Agent Lite 2.6.3
Moon Software

Password Agent allows you to store all your sensitive data like passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers, software serial numbers and other textual data in a single, easy to navigate and secure database.

Security Check 1.0 Security Check 1.0
Moon Valley Software

SecurityCheck Audit common security vulnerabilities get corrective recommendations and easy remedies for Windows systems.