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iSafeguard Freeware 6.1.1 iSafeguard Freeware 6.1.1
MXC Software

iSafeguard is a free and powerful cryptographic application which enables you to protect your most valuable assets - information with strong encryption and authentication.

FileShield 1.1 FileShield 1.1
Permission Research

FileShield, from Permission Research, lets you easily encrypt and decrypt specified files and folders using just one password.

ClipSecure 1.2 ClipSecure 1.2
Argosy Media

ClipSecure is a simple, secure, freeware text encryption utility that operates with the Windows clipboard, and therefore can be used within any text-based program and most email clients.

Vigenère Cipher Vigenère Cipher
JBO Software

Vigenère Cipher is a free and reliable utility that will enable the encryption and decryption of data using polyalphabetic substitution.

SimpLite-Yahoo 2.2.3 SimpLite-Yahoo 2.2.3

You are using Yahoo! Messenger to chat with your friends or colleagues.

gpg4win 1.0.9 gpg4win 1.0.9

gpg4win is a free and useful email security with an easy to understand and use graphical interface.

Cut'ncrypt 1.0 Cut'ncrypt 1.0

Cut'ncrypt is a software, which will allow you mainly, to preserve the confidentiality of the information contained on your computer, in several ways.

Hide-A-Message 1.0 Hide-A-Message 1.0
Primedius Corp.

Ensure your emails, chat or text messages remain private and inaccessible to prying eyes or tools.

Emsa EZ Encryption Tool 1.0.46 Emsa EZ Encryption Tool 1.0.46

EMSA EZ Encryption Tool is a simple encryption program for Windows.

Transposition Cipher Transposition Cipher
JBO Software

Transposition Cipher is a free and reliable application which will allow the encryption and decryption of data using irregular columnar transposition.

Substitution Cipher Substitution Cipher
JBO Software

Substitution Cipher is a free and useful program that gives you the possibility to encrypt and decrypt data using monoaphabetic substitution.

dsCrypt 1.10 dsCrypt 1.10
Dariusz Stanislawek

dsCrypt is AES/Rijndael file encryption software with simple, multi-file, drag-and-drop operations.

Packman 2.02 Packman 2.02
United Business Technologies, Inc.

Package Manager, aka PackMan, is a tool to create package files.

DLOCK2 2.01 DLOCK2 2.01
Michael Paul Johnson

DLOCK2 is a simple command line file encryption/decryption utility program that uses the free Diamond 2 Encryption Algorithm.

CHAOS Self Extractor 3.85 CHAOS Self Extractor 3.85
Investment Resources Group

CHAOS Self-Extractor is the program that creates self-extracting chaos-files for Windows.

BartMark Bitmap Encoder 1.2 BartMark Bitmap Encoder 1.2
Brett Bartholomew

BartMark Bitmap Encoder allows you to encode text messages into color or monochrome bitmap images.

BladeBox Iron Edition 1.1 BladeBox Iron Edition 1.1

BladeBox creates virtual encrypted volumes, which are AES-encrypted files that can be mounted as if they were disk drives (with a DOS drive letter too).

YeoPan 1.0.1 YeoPan 1.0.1

YeoPan is an easy to use file encryption and compression tool.

SSP 1.1 SSP 1.1
Ur. I.T. Mate Group

SSP allows you to control what can and cannot be accessed on your computer system.

Application Lock and File Encrypt 2006 6.5 Application Lock and File Encrypt 2006 6.5

Password protect your software, files and folders for free! Users can add password protection to any Windows program.

Secret Drive 1.0b02 Beta Secret Drive 1.0b02 Beta

Does your partner of friends are too curious of your pictures, movies or documents.

Chaos Mash 2.5.001 Chaos Mash 2.5.001

Chaos Mash is a free encryption program that let’s you scramble any type of data.

ByteShelter I 1.0 ByteShelter I 1.0
MazZoft NDA

ByteShelter I is a steganography tool which encrypts and conceals data in .

Deltacrypt oneclick encryption 3.2 Deltacrypt oneclick encryption 3.2
Deltacrypt Technologies Inc

It offers the basic encryption functionalities FREE OF CHARGE.

CryptoBMP 1.1 CryptoBMP 1.1
Rabid Software

Ever wanted to embed secret text messages in bitmap files leaving the image unaltered? And the text only accessible to you and no one else even knowing that you've got a secret message hidden in it? Well, CryptoBMP will make it possible to embed textual data within bitmap image files.