Top Rated

UltraPlayer 2.112 UltraPlayer 2.112
Ultra Player

UltraPlayer is a real All In One Box multimedia tool and is freeware.

FreeAmp v2.2.0a FreeAmp v2.2.0a
FreeAmp Team

FreeAmp is an extensible, cross-platform audio player.

Domino Player 1.0 Domino Player 1.0
Dominion d.o.o.

Domino Player is cool audio player capable of playing MP3, OGG, WAV files and audio CDs.

BlueVade Jukebox v1.1 BlueVade Jukebox v1.1
BlueVade Software

BlueVade JukeBox is a web based jukebox program for MP3 files.

Carlanthano 4.5.1740 Carlanthano 4.5.1740

Carlanthano is a jukebox for Windows.

CD Player 1.0 CD Player 1.0
Metric Network Software

EasyCD 2.5 Beta 0.32 EasyCD 2.5 Beta 0.32
Linas Purinis

EasyCD is a CD Player that supports Winamp skins and HotKeys.

mp3PRO Player/Encoder 1.1 mp3PRO Player/Encoder 1.1
Coding Technologies

mp3PRO Player/Encoder is a demo player application that supports all bit rates; the encoder is restricted to 64 kbps mp3PRO bit streams.

Passion Audio Player 5.0 Passion Audio Player 5.0
George Boudouris

Passion Audio Player is an audio player for those who have passion with PCs and Music.

ZAP Audio Player 3.0 ZAP Audio Player 3.0
Patrice Terrier

ZAP Audio Player will allow you to play wav, mp3, mp2, mp1, ogg, mod, xm, it, s3m, mtm, umx, and mo3 files.

Cool MP3 Player 1.0 Cool MP3 Player 1.0

Play your favorite music on this compact, streamlined MP3 player.

TPlayer 1R10 TPlayer 1R10

TPlayer is a free music player and mixer for the well known audio formats mp3, wma, ogg, and wav.

GermaniXPlayer 1.4.265 GermaniXPlayer 1.4.265

GermaniXPlayer (formerly bPlayer) is a media player for MP3, MP2, WMA, VOX, OGG, WAV, and other audio formats.

Winamp 2.95 Winamp 2.95

Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows.

Proton Cd Player 2.6 Proton Cd Player 2.6
Proton Software - Salih GUCLU

MP3 Tunes 2.2.3c MP3 Tunes 2.2.3c
DJ Maze

MP3 Tunes is a freeware MP3 player created by a DJ for any kind of user that uses Windows.

Synapse Media Player 1.01 Synapse Media Player 1.01
Intelligent Media Group

Synapse is not just an unbelievable media player, it is a way of life.

Apollo 37zz Apollo 37zz
Heikki Ylinen

Forget all the other audio players ! If you care about sound quality rather than looks, then this is the ultimate player ;) Apollo is perhaps best recognized by its playlist oriented interface.

Wasabi.player Build #499g Wasabi.player Build #499g

Wasabidev is a group of developers independent of Nullsoft who are working on improving and extending Wasabi.

Mp3 Player 1.0 Mp3 Player 1.0
Brandon Dargo

Create a playlist, minimize the player to a tray icon.

Outlook Mp3 Player 1.0 Outlook Mp3 Player 1.0

The Reminder of Microsoft Outlook can play only wav-file alarms.

ConWave 1.0 ConWave 1.0

ConWave is a simple wave file player that allows you to listen to hordes of wave files in a convenient manner that the windows Media player does not.

EyePlayer 0.3 build #22 EyePlayer 0.3 build #22
EyeMaster Software

EyePlayer it's a very good MP3 player which includes new functions and algorithms.

Windows Media Player 9.0 Windows Media Player 9.0
Microsoft Corporation

Windows Media Player is the multimedia software application developed by Microsoft that provides users with the ability to view multimedia content, both from their hard drive and from the Internet.

VUPlayer 2.48 VUPlayer 2.48
James Chapman

VUPlayer is a media player that supports MOD/XM/S3M/IT/MP3/OGG/WMA/WAV and CD formats.

Bodie's Hi-Fi System 1.08 Bodie's Hi-Fi System 1.08
Marcelo Dato

Bodie's Hi-Fi System is a program to play musical files (MID, MIDI, AIFF, AIF, AU, MP3, WAV, WMA) and CD'S.

JPlayer 1.10 JPlayer 1.10

JPlayer is a 100% pure Java mp3 audio player.

My Mp3 Player 1.2 My Mp3 Player 1.2

My Mp3 Player is a basic, simple, free mp3 player.

CosmoCD 3.61 CosmoCD 3.61
YoiCo Inc

CosmoCD is a useful Audio CD player utility for Windows that includes many features.

Fmod 3.75 Fmod 3.75
Firelight Technologies Pty, Lt

FMOD is the most powerful, fastest and easiest to use sound system on Windows, Windows CE, Linux and now Macintosh, GameCube, PS2 & XBox!.