Synapse Media Player 1.01

Synapse Media Player 1.01 Screenshot Synapse is not just an unbelievable media player, it is a way of life.

Developer:   Intelligent Media Group
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Synapse is not just an unbelievable media player, it is a way of life. It reflects certain differences from the way the music world ticks today. It represents a completely new way of thinking.

Synapse is a real pattern matching application. It does the intuitive -- it watches you and it learns what you like. There is no wasted time looking at other people's style and classification and making some huge database. We don't care if other people like to mesh rap and rock; we care if you like to mesh rap and rock. Or maybe you are the one person in the world who likes to mix classical and country and brazilian pop all at the same time. The Brain will pick that up, but no other player would dare play those songs together.

Quote from Synapse Homepage: "One day you find yourself in the open plains of Africa. You're sitting there, getting your drink on and your code on, when unsuspectingly the planet Jupiter falls into a galactic wormhole and winks out of existence, creating a slight disturbance in space curvature around the sun, forcing it to shoot a couple of a million neutrinos right at you. Of course you don't care because you're coding. You're cool. You're slammed. You're in the zone. You be up in that thing so deep, it be crying. But that pack of wildebeests over there (to the left) -- well, they're pissed. And they're ready for the kill.
And at that moment, Synapse kicks in. It plays the song. The one you wanted to hear. The one it knew was right for the situation. The one that will make the pack of wildebeests relax and think to themselves, "space curvature isn't that important anyway; I'm going home" And then you realize it's all going to be okay."

tags the one  space curvature  for the  and rock  rap and  other people  mesh rap  you like  

Synapse Media Player 1.01 screenshot

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Synapse Media Player 1.01 Synapse Media Player 1.01
Intelligent Media Group

Synapse is not just an unbelievable media player, it is a way of life.

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Synapse Media Player 1.01 Synapse Media Player 1.01
Intelligent Media Group

Synapse is not just an unbelievable media player, it is a way of life.

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