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Celtx 0.9.8 Celtx 0.9.8
Greyfirst Corp

Celtx is a comprehensive software package designed for people who work in the Film, TV, Theatre and New Media industries.

SubtitleFix 0.2 SubtitleFix 0.2
PowerDev team

SubtitleFix is an application designed to synchronize movie subtitles.

VisualSubSync 0.9.4 VisualSubSync 0.9.4
Christophe Paris

VisualSubSync is a subtitle program aimed to facilitate subtitle synchronization by showing you the audio form and allowing the WORLD to see the subtitle timestamp breakdowns via a webpage and allowing them to submit corrections.

MSU Smart Brightness & Contrast 1.0 MSU Smart Brightness & Contrast 1.0
Graphics & Media Lab Video Gro

Free high-quality brightness & contrast professional plugin for VirtualDub.

MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool 11.1 MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool 11.1
Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool is a freeware tool designed to measure video quality.

Aegisub 1.10 Aegisub 1.10
Rodrigo Braz Monteiro

Aegisub is a general-purpose, open-source SubStation Alpha subtitle editor that was created to help in many aspects of subtitle typesetting, timing and editing by correcting flawed features found in the Medusa Subtitling Station and adding many that it lacked.

Dema DivxFix 1.0B2 Dema DivxFix 1.0B2
De Soft

Dema DivFix is a free utility that will rebuild partial DivX AVI movies.

Everio Utility 1.1 Everio Utility 1.1
Scott Fritzinger

Everio Utility is a free tool that will copy, repair, and rename files from your camcorder.

OpenPlsInWM 1.0.2 OpenPlsInWM 1.0.2
Jon Galloway

OpenPlsInWMP allow you to play Shoutcast Playlists (PLS files) in Windows Media Player 9/10.

Bitrate Finder 0.1 Bitrate Finder 0.1

Bitrate Finder is a software that helps you to find movie bitrate.

Anime Lamp 0.1.4 Anime Lamp 0.1.4
Mehdi Rande

Anime Lamp helps you gather data about Anime from the net, including titles, durations and synopses.

Frameworks's Subshift 1.0 Frameworks's Subshift 1.0

Frameworks's Subshift is a software that searches and edits subtitles.

Flipbook Printer 1.10.01 Flipbook Printer 1.10.01

Flipbook Printer is a software that helps you to create Flipbooks from any AVI movie.

DaViDeo Corrector 1.02.16 DaViDeo Corrector 1.02.16
Testaware and Volker Stepprath

G DATA's DaViDeo (Pro) is a great and easy to use DVD converter, but it has a real lame bug in it.

Driver Update System 1.0 beta Driver Update System 1.0 beta
Phelios, inc.

Video Driver Update System - Help your customers Update or Download video drivers without effort.

MeD's Movie Manager 2.31 MeD's Movie Manager 2.31

MeD's Movie Manager is an easy to use, customizable and useful movie manager utility.

Web Video Grabber 1.0.0 Web Video Grabber 1.0.0

Web video grabber has the option of either monitoring Windows clipboard for video links to the above (12) sites and once a video link is detected, the video or movie will be automatically downloaded.

Join MPG Moviez 1.0 Join MPG Moviez 1.0
Aldo Vargas

Have you ever wanted to join small demo moviez in a single file? This small tool does the job in the SIMPLEST way, just select all the splitted MPG files in Windows Explorer and drag & drop all of them over the Moviez window.

Filmerit 2.1 Filmerit 2.1
Paul Glagla

Filmerit cleans and manages DirectShow filters from DirectX.

Fx Frame Capture Fx Frame Capture
J. Hepple, Inc. DBA Fx, Sound and Magic

Fx Frame Capture is an application that will help you capture frames from VOB, WMV, AVI and MPEG movies or to make titles for your slide shows or movie sequences.

Subtitle Workshop 2.51 Subtitle Workshop 2.51

Subtitle Workshop supports all the subtitle formats you need and has all the features you want from a subtitle editing software.

Subtitle Processor 7.6.1 Subtitle Processor 7.6.1

Subtitle Processor is a subtitle editor designed for repairing, translating and creating subtitles for any movie the user might choose.

GAMV 1.0 GAMV 1.0
Fernando Barajas

GAMV is an accronym for Get AOL Music Videos.

AVI Quick 1.0 AVI Quick 1.0
Technology Lighthouse

AVIQuick is a freeware utility for assembling bitmaps into AVI files.

AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10 AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10

AVI Frame Rate changer will allow you to modify the frame rate of a pre-rendered AVI video without re-rendering the AVI data.