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FotoPrint 3.1 FotoPrint 3.1
KillerSoftware LLC

FotoPrint lets you easily make and print standard wallet, 3x5, 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 size prints in a very useful way! Print perfectly-formatted standard size prints for framing! No resizing or editing required! FotoPrint also has the ability to Preview before you Print.

WebAlbumWizard 1.2.9 WebAlbumWizard 1.2.9

WebAlbumWizard is a powerfull solution for digital photo album creation.

BDSizer 2.1 BDSizer 2.1
idFOX Holding

BDSizer is a free and useful tool which allows you to quickly downsize or upsize photos and then save it using a maximum file size.

PhotoUtil 1.1 PhotoUtil 1.1
Sergej Marsnjak

PhotoUtil software helps with managing of digital photographies.

Mihov EXIF Renamer 3.0 Mihov EXIF Renamer 3.0
Miha Psenica

Mihov EXIF Renamer takes all the images in the first folder and looks for the EXIF info in them.

SoftColor Photo Wizard 0.9.3 SoftColor Photo Wizard 0.9.3
SoftColor Oy Ltd

With SoftColor Photo Wizard it is possible to do professional digital photo processing automatically.

Picmv 1.10 Picmv 1.10

Picmv is useful transfer utility from digital camera to your PC Here are some key features of "Picmv": · It is freeware which copies image photoed with digital camera to any directories.

ImageWiz Free 2.2 ImageWiz Free 2.2

ImageWiz is a Free Windows program that can resize and add captions to your image files from a digital camera.

JPG EXIF copy 1.0 JPG EXIF copy 1.0
Dirk Paehl

JPG EXIF copy provides the user all exif information found in a digital picture.

Digital Watermarking 1.0 Digital Watermarking 1.0
Luigi Rosa

Digital Watermarking can produce copyright protection and authentication of multimedia data in a networked environment.

Vampix Vampix
KC Softwares

CanonCam2PC 1.5 CanonCam2PC 1.5
René Slijkhuis

CanonCam2PC is a small application for digital Canon camera owners that helps you transfer images from your camera to your computer.

Wega2 1.0.88 Wega2 1.0.88

Wega2 is a freeware high quality image viewer for digital cameras with build in resampling filters.

Java Exif Viewer 1.4 Java Exif Viewer 1.4

JexifViewer is a project for viewing Exif informations stored in JPG files written by most digital cameras.

Zalbum 4.00.5 Zalbum 4.00.5
Davor Zorc

Zalbum is an utility to make large web browser based picture and movie albums.

PhotoViz 2.1.005 PhotoViz 2.1.005

Photographs cannot be perfect all the time and flaws with color, orientation and exposure are common.

Jelveh 1.0 Jelveh 1.0
Nemat A Ahmadyan

Jelveh is a free image processing & filtering utility that can apply many famous filters ( such as Blur, Sharpen, Embos, Noise and much more ) and custom user created filters based on mathematical functions, It also support HLS changing and geometrical transformation.

PhotoPaster 1.0 PhotoPaster 1.0
Robin programmer

Working on a configurable engine, PhotoPaster can make a panorama picture from two photos.

ImageQuery 1.4.4 ImageQuery 1.4.4
Armin Hanisch

ImageQuery allows you to search your digital camera images, based on EXIF and IPTC meta data contained in the files.

Image Minimizer 1.0 Image Minimizer 1.0

Image Minimizer is a light and fast programs that Change Quality , size and format of any image.

DIY Passport Photos 0.1 DIY Passport Photos 0.1
Asp Information Services

DIY Passport Photos lets you make every day a free passport photos day.

NDNoise 0.4 NDNoise 0.4

NDNoise is a free and reliable Java-based application which enables you to remove noise in digital images.

Reveal 1.2 Reveal 1.2
Will Stokes

Reveal is an easy to use, cross platform EXIF metadata viewer with limited editing capabilities.

ReducePhotoSize 1.1 ReducePhotoSize 1.1

ReducePhotoSize reduces the size of a digital photo by halving or quartering the resolution and/or by reducing the jpeg quality to any percentage.

Framy_grey_frame 1.1 Framy_grey_frame 1.1
Framy Ltd

Framy: the first digital frames to expose digital pictures on PC desktops.