PhotoViz 2.1.005

PhotoViz 2.1.005 Screenshot Photographs cannot be perfect all the time and flaws with color, orientation and exposure are common.

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Photographs cannot be perfect all the time and flaws with color, orientation and exposure are common. PhotoViz is a freeware that automatically fixes basic problems in digital photographs.

PhotoViz is a useful, fast and easy to use application that will create professional-looking photos. It is designed for casual photographers and business users who want to improve their photos for prints, emails, presentations and sharing on the Web.

Easy to use and friendly User Interface
• View photos as thumbnails
• Tools are represented by icons for easy access
• Real time adjustment and preview of all parameter changes
• PhotoViz does not need to be installed

Eliminate Photo Flaws
• Fix and enhance single or multiple photos automatically.
• Corrects color casts and bringing life to digital photo by increasing tonal variance
• Parameters in the automatic process can be defined by user. This is particularly useful when you want to apply a set of tuning parameters to multiple photos
• Flexible white balance adjustment

Intuitive Photo Editing Tools
• Enhance photos by working with AutoContrast, AutoLevels, Color Balance, Brightness, Saturation, Red Eye Removal and other controls independently
• Intuitive editing tools such as image crop, resize and rotate
• Full color spectrum corrections tools to increase color vibrancy
• Increase or decrease sharpness of photos

Special Photo Filters
• Available filters:
a. Sepia
b. Yellow Tritone
c. Blue Duotone
d. Green Duotones and
e. Grayscale

Converts Photos for Your Needs
• Automatically converts file formats and reduces file sizes for web, presentations, emails and prints
• Image settings can automatically be applied to all images
• Reduces problems with storing and transferring large files, saving both time and money
• Saves and reads major graphics formats e.g. GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP

Displays and Preserves Imaging Information
• Most of the digital cameras store image information using EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) specifications in the JPEG files. The EXIF metadata includes information such as the time, date, the maker and model of the camera, shutter speed, ISO, aperture etc. EXIF information is preserved when photos are saved after editing

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PhotoViz 2.1.005 screenshot

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PhotoViz 2.1.005 PhotoViz 2.1.005

Photographs cannot be perfect all the time and flaws with color, orientation and exposure are common.

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PhotoViz 2.1.005 PhotoViz 2.1.005

Photographs cannot be perfect all the time and flaws with color, orientation and exposure are common.

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