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Vector Graphics ActiveX 1.6.7 Vector Graphics ActiveX 1.6.7
S&G Team

Vector Graphics ActiveX is a graphics component oriented for creating business and technology solutions.

Stereogram Maker 2.1 Stereogram Maker 2.1

Stereogram Maker is a program for creating stereograms from two types of 3D data: AutoCAD DXF files, or range pictures in JPEG or Windows Bitmap format.

Foto-Mosaik 4.1.0 Foto-Mosaik 4.1.0
Steffen Schirmer

Foto-Mosaik helps you to create mosaic-pictures, which are composed of many small pictures (tiles), from your own photos.

OEM Logo Manager 1.0 OEM Logo Manager 1.0
TonTin Press

It is easy to use and you can save files to be used on several systems if you wish.

JPEG Resizer 4.0.4 JPEG Resizer 4.0.4

JPEG Resizer is a powerful utility for Microsoft Windows which will allow you to resize lots of JPEGs with just a few clicks.

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap 2005e InfoRapid KnowledgeMap 2005e
Ingo Straub Softwareentwicklung

InfoRapid KnowledgeMap is a free mind mapping program and knowledge management system.

Arkan 1.06 Arkan 1.06
Pixmart LLC

Arkan is designed to convert border of a raster mask (selection of an object in scene) or any closed polyline into B-spline (piecewise cubic Bezier curve) representation spread widely in vector graphics packages.

TextStylist 1.51c TextStylist 1.51c

TextStylist is a text design application , which you can use to add up to 10 different texts of type 3D, Shadow and Flat with individual attributes to a picture.

Free PS Convert Driver 8.15 Free PS Convert Driver 8.15
DWG-Converter Inc.

The Free PS Convert Driver V8.

GetPicturesList 1.15 GetPicturesList 1.15

If you like and collect pictures, you know about thoose new 'one-click' hosting solutions that allow you to host pictures for free, create a thumbnail and give you the HTML/BB-code to post thoose onto forums, blogs, etc Most of the times, thoose hostings do NOT give a direct link to the picture, but to an HTML page where the picture wil be shown (along with some ads.

MapCreator Free Edition 1.0 MapCreator Free Edition 1.0
primap software

A good travelogue often requires a map showing the destinations or route.

GD Color Converter 1.9 GD Color Converter 1.9
Golden Dragon Computer Studio

GD Color Converter is a useful and easy to use color converter utility.

Photo Watermark 1.0 Photo Watermark 1.0
Tamar Solutions

Photo or picture watermarking is a very important aspect to keeping your images safe and to stop others copying your photo's.

Digimarc ImageBridge Reader 1.0 Digimarc ImageBridge Reader 1.0
Digimarc Corporation

Free, stand-alone digital watermark reader to detect and read the embedded message in a Digimarc digitally watermarked image.

RegiStax RegiStax
A. Corber

RegiStax can read/write many input/output file-formats.

picture-shark 1.0 picture-shark 1.0

With Picture-shark you can watermark and copyright your picture galleries.

Kolorgenerator Kolorgenerator
Adam Godula

Kolorgenerator (colors generator) is a tool designed especially for people working with colors.


CCTRLA is freeware application for rendering watermarked images.

CoolPack 2.0 CoolPack 2.0

CoolPack is a very useful little collection of dividers, buttons, backgrounds, LED signs and animations that may be used freely on your webpage or anywhere else you'd care to use them.

Digi Graph 1.0 Digi Graph 1.0
KnightTrek Production

Digi Graph is digital graph paper, that enables to draw on graph paper on screen, and save and print your drawings.

The Rasterbator 1.2 The Rasterbator 1.2

The Rasterbator is an application which creates rasterized versions of images.

JMicroVision 1.2.5 JMicroVision 1.2.5
Nicolas Roduit

JMicroVision is an application designed to describe, measure, quantify and classify components of all types of images.

Framy orange frame 1.1 Framy orange frame 1.1
Framy Ltd

Framy: the first digital frames to expose digital pictures on PC desktops.

HD Picture Album Backup/Restore Utility 3.0 HD Picture Album Backup/Restore Utility 3.0
EK Inc.

HD Picture Album Backup/Restore Utility is a powerful app designed from the ground up to take care of all your pictures backup/restore needs.

Kerkythea 1.3.04 Kerkythea 1.3.04
Kerkythea Rendering System

Kerkythea application is a stand alone rendering engine.