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CBN Selector CBN Selector
CBN Systems

CBN Selector is a useful application that will re-color your images.

WinTopo 1.61 WinTopo 1.61

WinTopo Freeware is a useful graphic editor which is ideal for the home user and office environment.

OpenFX 1.5 OpenFX 1.5
Stuart Ferguson

OpenFX is an Open-Source 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite created by Dr.

IcoFX 3.1 IcoFX 3.1
Attila Kovrig

IcoFX is a free and useful icon editor which can create easily icons with transparency for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Now3D 1.29.00 Now3D 1.29.00
Giuliano Cornacchiola

Now3D is a fully featured RayTracing program that provides several texture abilities, HyperTexture and distributed RayTracing.

FirePaint 2005 1.0 FirePaint 2005 1.0

FirePaint Edition 2005 is a simple application that allows you to easily edit your images.

Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin 3.0 Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin 3.0
Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

The filter is designed for artistic painting and animated cartoon rendering.

Buttonmania Buttonmania
Berbt Levins

An application for use to create buttons in differant styles and shapes.

JPEG Viewer 0.12 JPEG Viewer 0.12
HMK Research

JPEG Viewer is a free and useful image viewer and editor.

Grafx2 96.5 Grafx2 96.5

Grafx2 is a 256 colours bitmap paint application like Deluxe Paint on Amiga.

Praat Praat
Paul Boersma/David Weenink

Praat is a computer program with which phoneticians can analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech and create high-quality pictures for their articles and doctoral theses.

Anim8or 0.95B Anim8or 0.95B
Steve Glanville

Anim8or is a character animation and 3D modeling application that I have written over the past couple of years, not as a commercial endeavor, but because I love 3D graphics, animation and programming.

mtPaint 3.10 mtPaint 3.10
Mark Tyler

mtPaint is a simple painting software developed from scratch so you can easily create pixel art and manipulate digital photos.

nip2 7.10 nip2 7.10
The National Gallery

nip2 is an image processing package, nip2 aims to be about halfway between Excel and Photoshop.

Orange Photo Editor 1.00 Orange Photo Editor 1.00

Orange Photo Editor is a very useful program that allows you to view, manage and publish photos on your website.

Ascii Painter 1.0 Beta Ascii Painter 1.0 Beta

Ascii Painter is an application designed especially to draw images using text.

CFG Editor 4.00.3 CFG Editor 4.00.3
MW Graphics

CFG Editor is a tool to make it easy to locate and edit the main cfg file of Flight Simulator 9 (FS2004).

Multiple Image Resizer .NET Multiple Image Resizer .NET
Acumen Business Systems Ltd

With Multiple Image Resizer .

HoverMatch 1.1 HoverMatch 1.1
Hover Inc.

HoverMatch is a utility designed to allow desktop customizers to modify exiting themes and skins to their tastes by altering an images Hue, Saturation and Brightness values and saving the results.

Image Processing Wizard 1.0.1987 Image Processing Wizard 1.0.1987

Image Processing Wizard is a fast, reliable and easy-to-use software tool, useful for batch resizing digital pictures and quickly adjusting their quality and file size.

World Greatest Frame Pack 2.15 World Greatest Frame Pack 2.15
Frame My Photos, LLC.

The World Greatest Frame Pack comes with the Framing Station digital photo software and pre-illustrated World Greatest frames.

i.Mage 1.01 i.Mage 1.01
Matthew Allen


GIFeq 1.0 GIFeq 1.0
Wildfire Design

GIFeq is a useful graphics tool for reducing the size of GIF files by optimizing the data contained within them Features: · Batch processing of animated and still files · Remove comments and interlacing, optimize palettes, etc.

xraster 0.9 xraster 0.9
data&vision GmbH

Graphicutility to eliminate moire-effects from pictures and simultaneously keeping the quality of your images.

Maximum Traffic Image Cropper 1.0 Maximum Traffic Image Cropper 1.0
Sustained Hits Intl. Tech

Maximum Traffic Image Cropper - Cropping your images has never been easier with our simplistic interface Requirements: · .