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HDngn 0.8.3 HDngn 0.8.3

HDngn is an Program to simulate a Cinema in 3D! New interpolated pictures are rendered in between.

M View SE 2.7 M View SE 2.7

M View SE - with world's slimmest interface for a media player, M View SE offers most of the essential functions and more.

WatchHDTV 1.92 WatchHDTV 1.92

WatchHDTV is a freeware tool used for watching, recording and timeshifting OTA HDTV with any Windows XP compatible HDTV Tuner card.

Videoplayer 1.0 Videoplayer 1.0

Videoplayer is a simple movieplayer, which will play the following formats: mpeg, mpg, asf, avi, mpa and wmv.

uvPlayer 2.1 uvPlayer 2.1

uvPlayer is a free and useful video player utility.

Nubastream Player 2.4 Nubastream Player 2.4
NubaStream LLC

Nubastream Player is a free movie player application required to stream NubaTV programs online.

SMPlayer 14.3.0 SMPlayer 14.3.0
Ricardo Villalba

SMPlayer uses the award-winning MPlayer as engine, so it's able to play the most known audio & video formats without any need of external codecs: avi, mkv, ogm, mpeg, vob, 3gp, asf, mov, wmv, mp3, ogg.

WireFusion Video 1.1 WireFusion Video 1.1

Extend WireFusion with this add-on to add video playback capabilities to WireFusion presentations.

XDenSer Software

XDenSer-JAP is a simple video player that handles various types of video files.

Triologic Media Player 3.2 Triologic Media Player 3.2
Anuraag Products

Triologic Media Player is a useful and free media player that can play many types of audio and video files.

BakadoPlayer BakadoPlayer

BakadoPlayer is an application developed as a subtitle oriented media player: no more subs overlapping! Here are some key features of "BakadoPlayer": ยท Separated and sizeable areas for subtitles and movie (no more subs overlapping!).


YZDVD is an easy-to-use software DVD player combining all the features you would expect to find in a standard consumer DVD player.

MIS Info Video 2.7.0 MIS Info Video 2.7.0
McGrath Info Solution

MIS Info Video lets you to play DVD, AVI, MP3 and MPEG files, manage, and obtain information about a media file using MIS specification (subtext, chapters, URL.

Marx Media Player 1.0 Marx Media Player 1.0
Marx Bitware

Marx Media Player is a small media player which plays Avi, mpg and Wmv files.

Windows Media Professional Exhibitor Windows Media Professional Exhibitor

Windows Media Professional Exhibitor is intended for playback of Windows Media files at full-screen resolution at all times.

DigiMode Divx Compactor 1.0.0 DigiMode Divx Compactor 1.0.0

DigiMode Divx Compactor is a useful Divx video player utility that allows you to view Divx format.

TinyPlayer 2.5 TinyPlayer 2.5
Petr Lastovicka

TinyPlayer is a simple audio, video and CD/DVD player.

Target Longlife Media Player Target Longlife Media Player
Target Longlife Productions

The revolutionary media player is here.

Theater 1.0 Theater 1.0
Extreme Exe

Theater is a light-weight and easy to use program that can play any standard video file smoothly and seamlessly.

VideoVista Home Edition VideoVista Home Edition
Vista Tecnologie

VideoVista needs no dedicated video server to work: all you need to do is copy the video file (.

Voodoo Player 1.0 build 211 RC2 Voodoo Player 1.0 build 211 RC2

Voodoo player is an enhanced multimedia player that needs no codecs whatsoever.

LaPlaya 1.2 LaPlaya 1.2

Most movieplayers are not very easy to use if you want to view a couple of movies in a row.

View Box Player 1.1 View Box Player 1.1
View Box Player Software

View Box Player is a YouTube video player.

SeeHear Media Player SeeHear Media Player
J. Hepple, Inc. DBA Fx, Sound and Magic

SeeHear Media Player is an application that lets you see and/or hear all DirectX supported media types, like AVI, MPEG, Bitmaps, JPEG, Animated GIF, MP2, MP3, Wav and Windows Media files.

Mr. Flash 1.0 Mr. Flash 1.0 Software