programming software


Component for convert RTF and Text in to HTML, XHTML.

Vmount for VMware 1.0 Vmount for VMware 1.0
Andrei Baronov

Vmount is a free GUI wrapper for command line utility vmware-mount.

winMd5Sum 1.0.1 winMd5Sum 1.0.1

winMd5Sum is a simple open source Windows MD5 checker.

ASP Helper 2.0 ASP Helper 2.0
Kalptaru Infotech Ltd.

ASP Helper is a freeware ASP Code generation software that automates the redundant activities of generation of ASP Code for adding, viewing, modifying, deleting etc to and from either an Access or MS SQL Server Database.

GalaXQL 2.0 GalaXQL 2.0
Jari Komppa

GalaXQL is an interactive SQL tutorial.

bed 0.2.25 bed 0.2.25
Jaap Korthals Altes

Menu driven binary editor.

TeeChart.Lite for .NET 1.0 TeeChart.Lite for .NET 1.0
Steema Software

TeeChart for .

Innovasys Freeware Controls Suite V1.0 Innovasys Freeware Controls Suite V1.0

FramePlus - The standard Visual Basic 6 frame control does not support applications using an XP manifest - the interior of the control is rendered as a black 'blob'.

Developer's Notepad 1.0 Developer's Notepad 1.0
Reliable Software

Use Developer's Notepad in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio 97 in the course of your development.

Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit Update for Windows Vista 6.0 Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit Update for Windows Vista 6.0

The Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) Update for Windows Vista provides documentation, samples, header files, libraries, and tools you need to develop applications that run on Windows.

tsWebEditor tsWebEditor

tsWebEditor is an editor for HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS and many other languages.

Solar 1.0 Solar 1.0

Solar is an advanced, secure software protection and licensing system that allows you to protect your program from unauthorized users and provides you with a reliable yet easy to implement licensing system.

Windows Playlist Viewer/Generator 1.0 Windows Playlist Viewer/Generator 1.0
Moon Valley Software

This is a full-fledged Windows application for viewing and creating playlists.

RLPack Basic Edition 1.17 RLPack Basic Edition 1.17
Reversing Labs

RLPack is a software compression solution that will give you the power to compress your executables and still keep them in executable state.

DLL & OCX Setup 1.0.4 DLL & OCX Setup 1.0.4
Daniele Giabbai

DLL & OCX Setup - utility to install, remove, update DLLs and OCXs without doing it manually from the command prompt.

KeyGenerator demo project KeyGenerator demo project
Scalabium Software

KeyGenerator demo project is a small software that will demonstrate you how to realize a key generator of valid serial numbers or reg.

Dev-Pascal 1.9.2 Dev-Pascal 1.9.2
Bloodshed Software

Dev-Pascal offers you a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE), that is able to create Windows or console-based Pascal applications using the Free Pascal or GNU Pascal compilers.

ASP 2 VB Converter 1.00 ASP 2 VB Converter 1.00
Pablo Software Solutions

ASP 2 VB tool converts one or more ASP source files into a single Visual Basic 6.

DllRegSvr 2.0 DllRegSvr 2.0

This is a simple tool for registering ActiveX dll and ocx controls.

SWF Widgets 1.6.2531.25823 SWF Widgets 1.6.2531.25823

SWF Widgets is an utility written to help porting existing Windows Forms applications to wxWidgets toolkit.

Redcoal Mobile Internet Developer API (MIDA) 5.0 Redcoal Mobile Internet Developer API (MIDA) 5.0

Enable your web sites, intranets or applications to send and receive SMS messages to and from 130 countries.

Mouse Gestures 1.2 Mouse Gestures 1.2

Mouse Gestures is an open source (LGPL) pure Java library for recognition and processing mouse gestures.

ObjectDB for Java/JDO - Free Database Edition 1.04 ObjectDB for Java/JDO - Free Database Edition 1.04
ObjectDB Software

ObjectDB for Java/JDO a compact yet powerful Object Database (ODBMS) for Java, compliant with the Java Data Objects (JDO) standard developed by Sun.

RQ Debugger IDE b.504 RQ Debugger IDE b.504

RQ Debugger IDE is programmer editor for Rapid-Q Basic and FreeBasic programming languages.

RazSMSLib 1.2 RazSMSLib 1.2

Use this library if you want to include in your own application the possibility to send SMS'es from the user computer to mobile phones if they have an account at www.