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RQ Debugger IDE b.504 RQ Debugger IDE b.504

RQ Debugger IDE is programmer editor for Rapid-Q Basic and FreeBasic programming languages.

C#CommDog 1.0.2039.30061 C#CommDog 1.0.2039.30061
SoftSolutions GmbH

C#CommDog is a software development tool that detects all missing or incorrect comment sections in each C# file of a C# project (.

Auto Debug for Winsock Auto Debug for Winsock

Auto Debug for Windows is an auto-tracing utility of programs.

AxTools Visual Logger 2003 AxTools Visual Logger 2003

AxTools Visual Logger is a tool dedicated to ease the software development process, being mainly focused on the debugging phase.

PureTest 3.3.1 PureTest 3.3.1
Minq Software AB

PureTest is a program which is primarily used to setup scenarios of tasks, execute and debug them.

SpyEx 1.15 SpyEx 1.15
the sz development

SpyEx is a program that will help you dissect applications and HTML pages.

NVPerfKit 2 NVPerfKit 2

NVPerfKit is a comprehensive suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL and Direct3D applications.

MiTeC EXE Explorer 1.0 MiTeC EXE Explorer 1.0
Michal Mutl

MiTeC EXE Explorer reads and displays executable file properties and structure.

View PPA Code 1.1 View PPA Code 1.1
Elian Soft

Want to view your VBA code in PowerPoint add-ins? View PPA Code is a free utility which enables you to do so.

Debug Diagnostic Tool 1.1 Debug Diagnostic Tool 1.1

The Debug Diagnostic Tool (DebugDiag) is designed to assist in troubleshooting issues such as slow performance, hangs, memory fragmentation or leaks, and crashes in any Win32 user-mode process.

DLLfunctions 1.01 DLLfunctions 1.01
Max2k Logic Company

DLLfunctions extracts exported functions from a DLL file.

GW Debug 1.0 GW Debug 1.0
Dan Jenkins

GW Debug is a simple debugging application for Win32 software.

HateML Pro 1.1.05 HateML Pro 1.1.05
Migajek Software

HateML Pro is a free and powerful PHP IDE with support for XHTML and CSS for both professional and novice alike.

EasyHTTP 0.0.1 EasyHTTP 0.0.1
D.M.F. Systems, Corporation

EasyHTTP is designed as one of the debug utilities for WebRainbow.


RACEVB6 analyzes VB6 PCoded applications.

LightFusion 2.2.0 LightFusion 2.2.0

LightFusion will enable the user to embed the files in an executable, still leaving them executable.

PHPdebugger 0.3 PHPdebugger 0.3
Ian Flory

PHPdebugger is a debugging toolbar for use with servers running DBG.

ScriptDebugger 1.0 ScriptDebugger 1.0

ScriptDebugger is a small debugger application that can help you when debugging VB script.

Ezy Debug 2000 Ezy Debug 2000

A frustration in debugging in Access 2000 and later is the clunky rigmarole required to check/set error-trapping.

Glassbox Troubleshooter 2.0 beta Glassbox Troubleshooter 2.0 beta

Glassbox is a free and the next-generation solution for troubleshooting J2EE and Enterprise Java applications.

The flaw! The flaw!

HPGLfix 1.00 HPGLfix 1.00
Full Circuit Ltd

HPGLfix will fix a bug in Microsoft Word HPGL conversion filter where it doesn't convert long strings from data points.

VerInfo 1.0 VerInfo 1.0
Magnus Baeck

VerInfo is a console tool which will display the insides of the most common version information strings contained in the resource section of the file (EXE, DLL, DRV, OCX, SCR etc) given on the command-line.

TrackLink 1.1 build 91 TrackLink 1.1 build 91
ALM Works Ltd

TrackLink is an IDE plug-in that provides integrated issue tracking with Mozilla's Bugzilla and Atlassian JIRA.

JWAD 1.0 JWAD 1.0

JWAD (pronounced "JAY-wad") stands for Java Web-App Debugger.