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Dev-Pascal 1.9.2 Dev-Pascal 1.9.2
Bloodshed Software

Dev-Pascal offers you a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE), that is able to create Windows or console-based Pascal applications using the Free Pascal or GNU Pascal compilers.

VBA Code Compare 0.4 VBA Code Compare 0.4
Formula Software, Inc.

VBA Code Compare allows you to compare and merge any Visual Basic code embedded into a VBA project (macros, sheet code, module code etc.

CMD - Computer Media Design

PIXXOS QL is a free and easy to learn internet-able multimedia-progamming-language (intuitive syntax by structured basic/pascal-mix) for all areas of application on WINDOWS 95 to XP including a very comprehensiv help-environment and ca.

Automatic Error Handling Pro 1.1.0 Automatic Error Handling Pro 1.1.0
Daniele Giabbai

Automatic Error Handling Pro - this program helps you in inserting code to handle errors in Visual Basic procedures.

Emu Tiny Compile 1.1.1 Emu Tiny Compile 1.1.1
Dark Helmet

Emu Tiny Compile is an utility that, from the executable and the source code of a build of MAME, create new source code.

Image Co-Tracker 2.0 Image Co-Tracker 2.0
Cogitum LC

Image Co-Tracker is a unique tool for creating and managing collections of images from the Internet.

Python 2.5 Python 2.5
Python Software Foundation

Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains.

SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12 SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12

SkyIDE gives you a free integrated development environment for C++, Java and other languages.

FBSL ( Freestyle Basic Script Language ) FBSL ( Freestyle Basic Script Language )

FBSL is a useful, verstatile and extensible scripting language capable of beeing compiled into an EXE file.

Developer's Assistant 1.3 Developer's Assistant 1.3

The Developer's Assistant - Personal Edition is a freeware version of the popular code sharing and collaboration software.

NGASM 8086/8088 Assembler 1.3 NGASM 8086/8088 Assembler 1.3
Systech Software

NGASM 8086/8088 Assembler is a free tool that simplifies learning the Assembly Language.

akIDE 0.298 akIDE 0.298

akIDE is an Integrated Development Environment.

PowerShellIDE 1.0 PowerShellIDE 1.0

PowerShellIDE is the world's first PowerShell editor and IDE this editor supports the new Microsoft Windows PowerShell script language and includes many intellisense-like functions as well as an integrated debugger.

Tersus 0.8.2 Tersus 0.8.2
Tersus Software Ltd

If you need to create enterprise web applications, Tersus is for you.

VBA AutoCode Librarian 1.01 VBA AutoCode Librarian 1.01

VBA AutoCode Librarian is a free and useful VBA Add-In.

TextRush Source Code Editor 1.02 Beta TextRush Source Code Editor 1.02 Beta
Crossbow Software Co.

TextRush is a professional Source Code Editor, Source Code Beautifier & Formatter, Development Environment, Text Editor, HTML Editor and Hex Editor for Windows.

Protara Standard Edition 1.0 Protara Standard Edition 1.0
Purpose Built Software

Protara is an easier way to build application for Windows or Windows Mobile.

Werner Donné

CSSToXSLFO is a utility which can convert an XML document, together with a CSS2 style sheet, into an XSL-FO document, which can then be converted into PDF, PostScript, etc.

DiaCze - diagram drawing software UML, ERD 0.95-1 DiaCze - diagram drawing software UML, ERD 0.95-1

DiaCze - diagram drawing & modelling software.

XBLite 2.1 XBLite 2.1
XB World

XBLite is a useful, concise, simple, powerful, Windows programming language that combines the speed of C with the ease of a BASIC syntax.

VB Build Manager 1.0.8 VB Build Manager 1.0.8
Gustavo Augusto Hennig

Visual Basic 6 projects build manager tool.

UltraGram 6.0.63 UltraGram 6.0.63

UltraGram is a free visual parser generator which provides functionality for creating grammar of a parser, interpreter or compiler, extensively test it and generate parser source code in a preferred programming language.

Gui4Cli 19.0 Gui4Cli 19.0
Dimitris Keletsekis

Gui4Cli is a simple, freeware, event-driven language which lets you easily create and control many types of GUIs (user interfaces, windows, dialogs etc) to use as stand alone programs or as interfaces for other programs.

BCX 4.61 BCX 4.61
Kevin Diggins

BCX is an Open Source BASIC To C Translator for Windows which translates a BASIC syntax file into ANSI C.

Solar Kingdom 1.5 Solar Kingdom 1.5

Solar Kingdom application is a real-time, photo realistic, 3D Solar System Simulator for the Windows based PC.