SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12

SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12 Screenshot SkyIDE gives you a free integrated development environment for C++, Java and other languages.

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SkyIDE gives you a free integrated development environment for C++, Java and other languages.

SkyIDE is a free and an award winning multi-compiler, multi-project and multi-profile and multi-view (per tab) [I]ntegreated [D]evelopment [E]nvironment for C++, Java, D, Pascal and other programming languages. No spyware, no adware and no malware. Completely free, no strings attached.

SkyIDE supports rich syntax highlighting and has a multi-compiler, multi project and multi profile support including using a specific compiler profile per project. Multi profile means you can add as many compiler profiles of a specific compiler as you want and use them in SkyIDE.

You can easily change the compiler profile one project is using after the project has been created. Multi project means you can have multiple projects open at the same time.

The code editor features separate abbrevations and auto completes for each file type supported. These features can be customized.

Here are some key features of "SkyIDE":

  • Multi Compiler Compiler Support
    SkyIDE supports multiple compilers. Currently I have implemented support for the GNU C++ compiler for DOS (MinGW required), Borland's bcc32.exe C++ compiler, OpenWatcom C++, Digital Mars C++, LCC-WIN32 C Compiler, Sun' Java compiler, Digital Mars D and the Free Pascal compiler.
  • The Project Manager
    SkyIDE supports working with multiple projects at the same time without causing any conflicts among project files. If two files with the same path and the same name are shared among two or more projects, SkyIDE will let you have those files in the project tree without any interference. However, any changes made to the file will impact all of the projects that contain that file. Each project is represented with a separate icon.
    Each C++ project can be set to use a different C++ compiler with different parameters.
  • The Line Tracker
    The Line Tracker shows the text of each line where the caret is. You can add multiple entries to the Line Tracker by right clicking on the line you want to be added (where the caret is) and selecting Add Line To Tracker.
  • Abbrevations and Auto Complete
    SkyIDE supports Auto Complete and Abbrevations. There is a separate Abbrevations file and a separate Auto Complete file for each document type that SkyIDE supports. These settings can be customized and can be accessed from the .Settings directory.
    The name of the "settings" file contains the .abbr extension followed by the name of the type of document. For example, to access the Abbrevation settings for your C++ document, you would access .Settingscpp.abbr and for HTML, .SettingsHTML.abbr. Similarly for Auto Complete, you would access and etc.
    Auto Complete and Abbrevations can be turned off and on for each file.
    You can either have custom words typed in a file or a dynamic listing of all of your variables in the file neing edited.
  • The Search Bar
    SkyIDE has two quick searches implemented. One is on the standard toolbar and one is on a separate toolbar. The second one provides you with more options. The search bar searches text as you type. If the searched text is not found in your document, the program will beep. You can use the right arrow -> to search for the next occurance of the word.
  • The C++ File Structure
    The C++ File Structure (on the File Inspector pane) lists all of your variables, functions, loops and classes in the file.
  • Favorites and History
    Use the Favorites pane to add and remove files that you use the most. The files in the Favorites pane can be re-arranged via the Options dialog.
    The History pane remembers every file that you open. If for some reason you editted a file some time ago but you forgot which file it was, you can always refer to the History pane. Launch the Options dialog to find out what file each entry in the History pane points to.
  • Extract Styles and JavaScripts
    SkyIDE has a few very inteligent and powerful features. Two of these features are the Extract Scripts and Extract Styles functions from the HTML menu. SkyIDE simply searches for all the scripts or styles in the current HTML file and it extracts them in a new file. How handy is that?? I personally love the feature :)
  • The SQL like capabilitiesSkyIDE gives you a few SQL like capabilities. Refer to the screenshots for details

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    SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12 SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12

    SkyIDE gives you a free integrated development environment for C++, Java and other languages.

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