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Carlanthano 4.5.1740 Carlanthano 4.5.1740

Carlanthano is a jukebox for Windows.

Lettore MP3 Lettore MP3
Maglione Lino

Lettore MP3 is a multimedia player, complete of equalizer and full support of 0MP3, WMA, CDA and OGG files.

idioRamp 2.3 idioRamp 2.3
Jonathan Suh

idioRamp gives you the ease of executing Winamp functions, such as play, pause, stop, and fast-forward, using simple commands inputted into the command console.

PEamp 1.02b PEamp 1.02b

PEamp 1.

MP3Box 0.73 MP3Box 0.73

MP3Box is a combined MP3 player and MP3 database, that can be controlled entirely by a keyboard.

Freebox Beta Freebox Beta

Freebox was designed as an audio player which will help you to organize your music.

BoxEasy Jukebox 1.9.7 BoxEasy Jukebox 1.9.7
Ziggyred Software

BoxEasy is a media player/organiser that uses Windows folder and file names rather than embedded (and often inconsistent) tag information to sort, display music tracks.

ConWave 1.0 ConWave 1.0

ConWave is a simple wave file player that allows you to listen to hordes of wave files in a convenient manner that the windows Media player does not.

Lalim MP3 Player 3.0.0 Lalim MP3 Player 3.0.0
Lalim Software

Bodie's Hi-Fi System 1.08 Bodie's Hi-Fi System 1.08
Marcelo Dato

Bodie's Hi-Fi System is a program to play musical files (MID, MIDI, AIFF, AIF, AU, MP3, WAV, WMA) and CD'S.

Pluton .0 TP 1 Pluton .0 TP 1

Pluton is a free audio player that was constructed by a principle of library, having magnificent sound, three Playlist, 16x an equalizer, modes Quick Play, Mark, Shuffle add and other useful functions.

aTunes 0.8 aTunes 0.8
Alex Aranda

aTunes is a fully-featured audio player and manager, with ripping and encoding tools included.

dBpowerAMP Audio Player 2.0 dBpowerAMP Audio Player 2.0

dBpowerAMP Audio Player was designed to play Mp3s, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, Monkeys Audio, Real Audio, Wave and Midi.

MP3 Radio 3.5.1 MP3 Radio 3.5.1
RandGreg, Inc.

MP3 Radio is a program that was meant to be the MP3 player that talks to you.

The Hot Mix Basic 1.0 The Hot Mix Basic 1.0
Sentax Solutions

The Hot Mix is a free and useful program that allows you to set up a playlist and play until the list is gone.

G3 Player Simple G3 Player Simple
Triple G^3 Inc

G3 Player Simple was a project started to create a simpler easier to use MP3 player.

Outlook Mp3 Player 1.0 Outlook Mp3 Player 1.0

The Reminder of Microsoft Outlook can play only wav-file alarms.

Media Dreamer 1.0.0 Media Dreamer 1.0.0
Emirald Mateli

A Media Player i created.

Tray Play 1.0 Tray Play 1.0
Chime Softwares Ltd

Chime Tray Play is a very small, fast, and efficient audio player that can play audio CDs, WAV audio, MIDI, MPEG audio, and Windows Media Audio files.

Simple MP3 Player 2.02 Simple MP3 Player 2.02

Simple MP3 Player it doesn't look like much and is not as pretty as winamp, but it works just the same.

CosmoCD 3.61 CosmoCD 3.61
YoiCo Inc

CosmoCD is a useful Audio CD player utility for Windows that includes many features.

VSO Media Player 1.0.2 VSO Media Player 1.0.2

VSO-Media Player gives you a convenient way to listen your music files from your computer.

MJ Player 1.0 MJ Player 1.0
Mark Jacobs

MJ Player is a software developed to be just a lean and mean media player.

JLC's Media Player 1.0 Beta 1.2 JLC's Media Player 1.0 Beta 1.2
JLC's Software

JLC's Media Player is a media player with M3U playlist support.

Pam Audio/Video Player 2.96 beta Pam Audio/Video Player 2.96 beta
Michael Doering

PAM was designed as an up-to-date audio and video player for Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2, XP and 2003 Server.