PEamp 1.02b

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Developer:   Mathimaaran
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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PEamp 1.02b - Smallest MP3 Player.

PEamp is a very small MP3 Player with playlist management. It can play only MP3 files.
It is written in win32 assembly language using nasm assembler,alink linker and gorc resource compiler.

Here are some key features of "mp3player":

  • Smallest mp3 player with playlist management.(20.7 kb executable.)
  • Load and Save Winamp playlists.
  • Shortcut keys for all operations.
  • volume bar and track bar.

    Shortcut keys:
    F1 - Display help.
    F2 - Load Playlist.
    F3 - Save Playlist.
    Enter - Play.
    p - Pause.
    s - Stop.
    r - Play Previous song.
    n - Play Next song.
    u - Move selected item up.
    b - Move selected item down.
    x - Clear Playlist.

    Source is included in ./src directory.


    tags mp3 player  move selected  selected item  shortcut keys  with playlist  player with  smallest mp3  playlist management  

    PEamp 1.02b screenshot

    Download PEamp 1.02b

     Download PEamp 1.02b

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