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AviAcreen 1.3 AviAcreen 1.3
Bobyte Software

AviScreen is an application for capturing screen activity in the form of AVI video or bitmap images.

ShotGenius 1.0 ShotGenius 1.0

ShotGenius is a small screen capture utility.

Turbosnap 3.0 Turbosnap 3.0
Relaxing Software

Turbosnap is a powerful, yet easy to use screen capture utility.

Ace WINScreen 4.5 Ace WINScreen 4.5
Caltrox Software Systems

Ace WINScreen is the very popular, leading quality software of choice to Capture the Screen, Print & Save for the Personal Computer.

VB Doodle VB Doodle
Hopkins Programming

DeskScan 1.35 DeskScan 1.35
Dirk Paehl

DeskScan is a simple to use two-button screen capture tool with additional Twain support.

oRipa Screen Recorder 1.2.0 oRipa Screen Recorder 1.2.0

oRipa Screen Recorder is a handy application that helps you record your Windows desktop activity in real time and save it as a video file.

myDesktop Online 1.2 myDesktop Online 1.2
Chris Karcher

myDesktop Online allows you to periodically capture your entire desktop and upload the captured image to an FTP server of your choice.

Desktop Grabber 1.0 Desktop Grabber 1.0

Desktop Grabber is a desktop capturing application.

JOCR 1.0 JOCR 1.0
Jung Software

JOCR enables you to capture the picture on the screen and convert the captured image to text.

GrabXP 7.0.0 GrabXP 7.0.0
Axis Controls Limited

GrabXP - Image capture, view and print.

X-Shot 2002 2.7.0 X-Shot 2002 2.7.0
Nico Steffen Beck

X-Shot is an application built as a capture utility.

MiniCap 1.42.01 MiniCap 1.42.01

MiniCap is a minimal screenshot capture app, with good commandline support, including the ability to launch (and then terminate) apps, capture windows by handle or object name.

Capture The Screen 1.0 Capture The Screen 1.0
Tony Arntsen

Capture The Screen is a little program that will capture the screen, then save it into a file instantly.

Sliber 1.0 Sliber 1.0

Sliber is a super light, unique freeware tool which works as an image capturing software which helps you to upload and share your screen captures in matter of few seconds.

SWBCapture SWBCapture
Software with Brains

SWBCapture is a screen capture utility that allows you to quickly and easily capture an image of any window on your desktop, or the entire desktop.

AutoScreenShot AutoScreenShot

ScreenCannon 1.0 ScreenCannon 1.0
WiredPlane Labs

ScreenCannon was designed for a single task - taking screenshots (capturing screens) from any program, including DVD/Video movies, games, etc.

PrntScrn.NET 1.0.6 PrntScrn.NET 1.0.6


EzMagnifier 1.2 EzMagnifier 1.2
Ancient Software

EzMagnifier is a small utility to magnify a portion of the screen where you can choose the zooming factor and you can resize the magnified portion itself to suite your needs.

ScreenGrab 1.1 ScreenGrab 1.1
No Nonsense Software

ScreenGrab is a simple and effective screen capture tool for Windows.

GameScreen .1 GameScreen .1
TSH of The 4Life Network

GameScreen is a free and powerful screenshot application which allows you to take a screenshot using a customized hotkey (for example, Left CTRL and W, or X), saving the screenshots in a selected format (BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, or TGA) and putting them into a directory.

PicPick PicPick

PicPick is an all-in-one software for graphic designers, home users and software developers.

Grab-It 1.10 Grab-It 1.10

Grab-It is a free, quick and easy way to get a section for your screen to print or save to a file.

Capture Master 1.0 Capture Master 1.0
Muted Clef

Capture Master is a simple but powerful screen capture device.