GrabXP 7.0.0

GrabXP 7.0.0 Screenshot GrabXP - Image capture, view and print.

Developer:   Axis Controls Limited
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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GrabXP - Image capture, view and print. Grab any user defined area from the computer screen and save it as an image file. (Or grab the whole screen if you wish).

Images can be viewed, zoomed, streteched and then re-grabbed before saving or printing as BMP or JPEG etc.


GrabXP 7.0.0 screenshot

Download GrabXP 7.0.0

 Download GrabXP 7.0.0

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GrabXP 7.0.0 GrabXP 7.0.0
Axis Controls Limited

GrabXP - Image capture, view and print.

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GrabXP 7.0.0 GrabXP 7.0.0
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GrabXP - Image capture, view and print.

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