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KL-Detector 1.3 KL-Detector 1.3
Yohanes Aristianto

Use KL-Detector to find out whether your activity is being recorded without your knowledge.

ManageEngine Applications Manager 9 ManageEngine Applications Manager 9
AdventNet, Inc.

Applications Manager offers a single integrated monitoring tool suitable for application monitoring, database monitoring, system monitoring, website monitoring, services monitoring, and custom application monitoring.

Aqibs Keylogger 0.1 Beta Aqibs Keylogger 0.1 Beta

AQIBs KEYlogger is a Very Small yet very usefull and powerfull programe its is very small and pretty fast and dont eat up your system resources however this is a BETA relase so it might have Some BUGS! but this will be done as the devlopment and complexity Grows more new features will be added however for the time being it just do what it suppose to do and thats logging users keystrokes to a text file.

ksLogger 1.17 ksLogger 1.17
kelly Software

ksLogger monitors all keystrokes made on the computer and sends them to a log (text) file.

SharePoint Anti-Keylogger 1.0 SharePoint Anti-Keylogger 1.0
Adam Buenz

SharePoint Anti-Keylogger scans, detects and removes keyloggers.

Keyhole Spy 1.12 Keyhole Spy 1.12

Keyhole-spy is a free and revolutionary spy software that enables near real-time desktop spying capability with remote monitoring ability.

FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software 2.5.0 FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software 2.5.0
PC Sentinel Software

Now with Free Web Access to all log files! Easy to use internet monitoring & keylogging software effortlessly records all keystrokes on the PC and helps protect children when they go online and surf the web - and can also be used to keep track of what employees are doing on company computers on company time.

SimpleActivityLogger 1.4.0 SimpleActivityLogger 1.4.0
Coruscant Ltd.

SimpleActivityLogger is a small DLL that hooks into Windows and records the following events: Here are some key features of "SimpleActivityLogger": · System Startup & Shutdown · User Logon & Logoff · Console Lock & Unlock · Screen Saver start & stop SimpleActivityLogger it will log all events (by default) to a file called SimpleActivityLogger.

Lock&Rest 2.0 Lock&Rest 2.0
IwantSoft Development Group

Lock&Rest is the perfect tool to control your and your child's rest time.

DoOver 1.2 DoOver 1.2

DoOver will record and playback mouse and keyboard actions Here are some key features of "DoOver": · User defined hotkeys.

Buddy Spy 2.2.11 Buddy Spy 2.2.11

Buddy Spy is a useful software that gives you the possibility to keep track of what other Yahoo Messenger! users are doing, even if they are in Invisible or Stealth Mode.

Key Monitor 1.0 Key Monitor 1.0
Prakashatma Mishra

Key Monitor will record key sequences in a text file.

KeyScrambler Personal 2.8.1 KeyScrambler Personal 2.8.1
QFX Software Corporation

KeyScrambler, a web browser plugin, encrypts your keystrokes to protect your important personal information from keyloggers.

AutoWebCam AutoWebCam
The Uds

AutoWebCam is a simple software that acts as a monitoring system using your webcam.

LoggerSpy 1.0.1 LoggerSpy 1.0.1
Mike Messer


VDT Safe 1.0 VDT Safe 1.0
NG Software

This very small program has no installation: just copy and run!.

Monitoring Komputera Standard 2.2.0 Monitoring Komputera Standard 2.2.0

Monitoring Komputera Standard (Computer Monitoring Standard) is an application necessary for everyone that needs to find out what is going on with his computer, when he is i.

iSpy iSpy
MacroSoft Corporation

iSpy ensures your computer's security by monitoring all activity on your computer, capturing keystrokes, programs, websites and screenshots.

ShowOff 1.2 ShowOff 1.2

ShowOff will show the pushed down keys and buttons Here are some key features of "ShowOff": · Change what keys to show.

Process Audit Free Edition 1.0 Process Audit Free Edition 1.0
Adaptive Technology

Allows administrators to monitor the network and to prevent unauthorized process execution on local and remote machines.

TLogSpy 2.0.0 TLogSpy 2.0.0

TLogSpy - is a keylogger which allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence.

ApplicationTitleLogger 1.0.0 ApplicationTitleLogger 1.0.0
Christopher Oezbek

The ApplicationTitleLogger is a small Java application developed at Working Group Software Engineering to help monitoring the activities of experiment subjects by reading the title of the currently active window.

Net Pulse 1.0 Net Pulse 1.0

Net Pulse is a realtime TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP Traffic Monitoring and Alerting application.

Modometer 2.0 Modometer 2.0
Dan Adler

Modometer is a mouse odometer that will let you monitor total right mouse and keyboard clicks.

SearchType 1.30 SearchType 1.30

SearchType software represents a two unit combination: a special ASCII search unit with a filter and an interactive keyboard and mouse recorder / player.