ProgramLaunch 3.2

ProgramLaunch 3.2 Screenshot ProgramLaunch is a simple and easy to use application launchbar for the Windows operating systems.

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ProgramLaunch is a simple and easy to use application launchbar for the Windows operating systems. Initially made as a tool to circumvent the anoying start menu, this third generation is completely redesigned from scratch to improve flexibility and performance and make everyday use of the launcher as comfortable as possible.

ProgramLaunch is a program that allows you to manage and launch applications.

Managing the launchpad is simple and intuitive. Programs are added either through a dialog or by dragging links from Windows onto the launchpad. Organizing the programs is also done easily by dragging the icons and groups arround. Assign one or more shortcuts for each icon.

These are used for launching a program by one simple keystroke. If a shortcut key combination is assigned to multiple icons, a list is shown for selecting the which program needs launching.

ProgramLaunch features
  • Simple and intuitive user interface skinned for an attractive look
  • Launches applications, documents and weblinks
  • Multiple shortcut keys are assignable for each icon
  • Shortcut key for focusing the launcher window
  • Managing contents through dragging
  • Fast navigation through groups using mouse wheel
  • Easy adding through drag'n'drop:
  • Applications
  • Documents
  • Shortcut files (.lnk/.pif/.url)
  • URL's directly from browsers
  • Supports following icon formats:
  • Windows icons including Windows XP format (.ico)
  • Extracts icons from .exe/.dll
  • Mac icons including Mac OS X format
  • Windows bitmap format (.bmp)
  • JPEG and PNG formats (.jpg/.png)
  • Alpha transparency is used when available
  • Modules with realtime information
  • Calendar
  • Battery monitor
  • Analog clock
  • Recycle bin
  • Multithreaded updating of active modules
  • Popup menus on some modules with relevant commands
  • Fading hints on modules
  • Multilingual support, currently with English and Danish

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    ProgramLaunch 3.2 ProgramLaunch 3.2

    ProgramLaunch is a simple and easy to use application launchbar for the Windows operating systems.

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