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JRex 1.0b1_dom3 JRex 1.0b1_dom3
C. N Medappa

JRex is a Java Browser Component with set of API's for Embedding Mozilla GECKO within a Java Application.

Babya Discoverer 12.5 Babya Discoverer 12.5
Babya Software Group

Babya Discoverer was designed with kids in mind - it has links to sites for children and has password protection settings for parents.

RFC Browser Free Edition 3.5 RFC Browser Free Edition 3.5

RFC Browser Free Edition is a viewer tailored to RFC browsing.

LiGHT X 1.0 LiGHT X 1.0

LiGHT X is a very fast, simple and small web browser.

BrowseMan 8.01 BrowseMan 8.01
BroadLook Technologies

BrowseMan is a state-of-the-art Internet web browser that will increase your online productivity by up to 500%.

Square1 Web Browser 1.2 Square1 Web Browser 1.2

Perfect for the technophobe that just doesn't want all those menus and buttons, excellent for children too, or if you just want a quick and simple emergency browser.

Firemail 1.0.6 Firemail 1.0.6
Leo Rampen

Firemail is a simple modification of PortableFirefox (Written by John T.

Bluto XT 6.0 Bluto XT 6.0
Blackhat Software

Bluto is a free and fast browser that comes with unique features.

IOpus Macros PlugIn 5.20 IOpus Macros PlugIn 5.20
IM Scripting Web Testing and D

The Web browser is probably the most frequently used software today, and many tasks are very repetitious.

Kwik Browsa 1.1 Kwik Browsa 1.1

Kwik Browsa is a very fast Web Browser program created to be very easy to use.

1'st ZipCommander (Net) 1.0 1'st ZipCommander (Net) 1.0
1'st ZipCommander

1'st ZipCommander is a real internet browser with 10 windows and all functions that are possible.

Internet Spirit 1.0 Internet Spirit 1.0
Michael J. Hardy

Internet Spirit is a Cool, Advanced, Skinnable, Multi-Tabbed Web Browser deisgned for Windows! It contains some of the best features you could ever want in a Web Browser! Here are some key features of "Internet Spirit": · Skinnable, Multi-Tabbed Interface, · Mouse Gestures, · Drag and Drop Link Support, · Support for Different Languages, · Support for User Made Themes, · Animated Throbber can be changed, · Splash Screen Can be changed, · Contains Cool Sound Effects, · Sound Effects can be turned off, · Contains a Cool New Style Progress Bar, · Supports both Internet Explorer and Mozilla, · and much, much, more to explore.

EZSurfer 7.3 EZSurfer 7.3

With the help of EZSurfer you can find the best bits of the Internet in one place.

Dealio Comparison Shopping Toolbar 2.2 Dealio Comparison Shopping Toolbar 2.2

The Dealio Comparison Shopping ToolBar will allow users to find the best prices on their favorite products while they shop onliine without burdening them with adware or spyware.

AM Browser 2.01 AM Browser 2.01

AM Browser is a powerful Web browser.

videowebgate 1.0 videowebgate 1.0
amit mendelsohn

Videowebgate software was created just for you.

iPOPMusic 2.5 iPOPMusic 2.5
Solarbaybies, Inc

POP Music Browser is a FREE tabbed browser with quick and easy search tools for finding MP3s and other media downloads on the internet.

Full Screen Browser 1.0 Full Screen Browser 1.0

Full Screen Browser is an application that will help you view Internet pages with as big of a screen as your monitor allows.

SurfPics 1.0 SurfPics 1.0

SurfPics is an image search themed web browser/search tool that delivers easy access to image search engines and image galleries.

Multi-Browser XP 10.1.8 Multi-Browser XP 10.1.8
Binh Nguyen-Huu

Multi-Browser XP is a free tabbed-MIDI browser based on Windows XP/SP2 security.

Pandora Web Browser 1.0.0 beta Pandora Web Browser 1.0.0 beta
Kriscall Software Labs

Pandora is a web browser that has features like no other browser currently available with full access to normal browser functions but with added advanced features.

Net.Ex Pro Basic Edition 1.0.1019 Net.Ex Pro Basic Edition 1.0.1019


World Cup Toolbar 1.0 World Cup Toolbar 1.0

World Cup Toolbar is an easy-to-use group of buttons inserted in your Internet browser.

Internet- The Browser 1.0 Internet- The Browser 1.0

Internet- The Browser is a program that is very easy to use and has a great interface.

Remote Browser 1.5 Remote Browser 1.5
S Darlington

Remote Browser is a browser with a small remote control pad with easy access instead of using all the menus at the top IE also you are able to view website full screen.