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BrowseMan 8.01 Screenshot BrowseMan is a state-of-the-art Internet web browser that will increase your online productivity by up to 500%.

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BrowseMan is a state-of-the-art Internet web browser that will increase your online productivity by up to 500%. Designed for the serious business user, researcher, sales rep, or Internet user, BrowseMan allows you to systematically arrange web content by building hierarchical relationships between open web pages through the use of tabs.

BrowseMan is the next generation of Internet Web Browser. It runs on a secure desktop database server so your browsing activity is safe as well as network ready. BrowseMan uses the rendering engine from Internet Explorer (IE), so any page that IE can view, BrowseMan can view.


  • HTab Interface™ - Our Patent Pending Browsing Interface: Categorize & conquer. HTab allows you to optionally arrange your browsing activity into a tree or hierarchy. HTab was engineered to manage browsing intuitively, similar to how the brain works. Browsing is a multi-tasked activity. Browse like you think.
  • Single Sign-on: With BrowseMan, you only have to sign on one time. Once you log into BrowseMan, all of your favorite password-required web sites are one click away. With BrowseMan's Login Page Wizard, you can setup your favorite sites in seconds. Favorites or groups of favorites that require login can all be opened with one click. Imagine opening and logging into your Yahoo mail account, Microsoft passport, and your NY Times news account all with one click and no typing. BrowseMan encrypts all password information to protect your browsing experience.
  • Launch Manager: Launch Manager manages hyperlinks in BrowseMan's multi-page interface. Have you ever wanted to open several links at one time? Launch manager gives you total flexibility with functions such as "Launch all links," "Launch selected links," "Launch Row Links," "Launch column Links," "Launch Links from Clipboard," "Launch links like *this*," as well as several others.
  • Pages Manager - At-a-glance view of all browsing activity: Web sites have become more intrusive (Pop-ups, pop-unders, cookies, Flash advertisements, etc). A pop-up manager can block pop-ups, but it does not provide information on the state of all your pages. Pages Manager gives you "at-a-glance" information about all open pages. See which pages are creating pop-ups, dumping cookies, using system resources, and more. Pages Manager gives you the power to understand and control what is happening in BrowseMan.
  • BrowseMan Bookmark System (favorites) - innovation not imitation: BrowseMan broke the mold with the BrowseMan Bookmark system (BBS). Other browsers have imitated each other without innovation. Their bookmark systems are obsolete, clumsy and non-intuitive. BrowseMan Bookmarks are easily organized, network-ready, open design (XML), and optimized to work with the multi-paged browser interface. Each BBS page can have its own settings for Graphics, Popups, Auto-refresh, even cookies and security. BBS is also integrated with the BrowseMan Quick Keys and BrowseMan Single Sign-on.
  • BrowseMan Enhanced Security: BrowseMan allows you have individual security settings for each open web page. You get total flexibility in the multi-paged environment
  • BrowseMan Administrator: Administer multiple users, login times, auditing, everything for the network, or for users sharing the same machine. (All auditing is turned off on first install).
  • Data Builder: Data Builder copies data from any HTML table directly into any ODBC database. The Data Builder extraction wizard helps your to choose the HTML table data your want. The Export Wizard arranges fields and columns to match your database structure
  • Paged HTML (PHTML): BrowseMan is the first browser to support PHTML. PHTML is an extension to HTML that is optimized for multi-paged browsers. Currently PHTML includes functionality for inter-page locking/unlocking, page creation, page deletion, and page ownership. The PHTML specification is still being developed.
  • Quick Keys: Quick keys are used for fast access to frequently used web sites. Once you have created a Quick Key, you can get to a website by typing as little as 1 letter into the browser address bar.

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    BrowseMan 8.01 BrowseMan 8.01
    BroadLook Technologies

    BrowseMan is a state-of-the-art Internet web browser that will increase your online productivity by up to 500%.

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    BrowseMan 8.01 BrowseMan 8.01
    BroadLook Technologies

    BrowseMan is a state-of-the-art Internet web browser that will increase your online productivity by up to 500%.

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