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Xeo Chat 1.8 Xeo Chat 1.8
Lee Mainwaring

Xeo Chat is an easy to use chat-over-LAN application requiring no installation.

LNChat - Local Network Chat 1.0 LNChat - Local Network Chat 1.0
David Aguirre Grazio

LNChat - Local Network Chat is the best solution for the office and home environment communications.

InterChat 3.0 InterChat 3.0

InterChat is a very simple application that allows people to talk over a Local Area Network.

Anonymous NET SEND Anonymous NET SEND

Anonymous NET SEND allows you to send messages to other computers on your network using the Windows Messaging Service while faking your name.

LCMessenger 1.8.4 LCMessenger 1.8.4

MBSD LCMessenger is an extremely good LAN (local area network) client and server for instant messaging (IM) and file transfer.

SizePopup 1.3 SizePopup 1.3
Ivan Sivak - SOFTWARE

This software allows you sending short texts in computers networks (LAN/WAN).

MessagePopup II 3.5.7 MessagePopup II 3.5.7
Taejun Park

MessagePopup is LAN Message Communication MessagePopup II - so simple to install & Send.

SpreadMsg Lite 6.21 SpreadMsg Lite 6.21
Compuquest Inc

SpreadMsg Lite is the FREE version of Compuquest, Inc's award-winning SpreadMsg software.

NetSender 1.0 NetSender 1.0
Hilton Fleming

NetSender is a useful and instant messaging system for Microsoft networks that will come in handy.

timp 1.0.2 timp 1.0.2
Tipic Inc.

Easy to install and manage TIMP is a Total Instant Messaging (IM) Solution for office LAN or Internet communication.

Lorenzi Davide

With Multi NET-SEND you can send a simple text message to one or more users/pcs connected to a NT LAN, using the Messenger Service.

NT Message Sender 1.0 NT Message Sender 1.0
David Piepgrass

NT Message Sender will send messages around your LAN (built on Windows NT machines).

NCN Chat 1.0.0829 NCN Chat 1.0.0829
NCN Software

NCN Chat is a chat room styled Instant Messenger for Local Area Networks.

LanChat2 TBX 1.1 LanChat2 TBX 1.1
Marten Pape

LanChat2 TBX is a decentral network client with nearly all capabilities which modern chat software has.

EasyComm EasyComm
Toni Arts

EasyComm is an easy-to-use, powerful tool that lets you get more out of your MicroSoft Windows compatible Local Area Network (LAN).

NT Messenger Tools 2.00 NT Messenger Tools 2.00
Antti Kirjavainen

NT Messenger Tools contains two message sending applications: the regular and the broadcaster.

NTMessenger 1.0 NTMessenger 1.0

NTMessenger is a small package tool which will let you send messages across you LAN with NT/2.

TraP 1.0.0 TraP 1.0.0

TraP (Tray Pager) is a little application which resides in the systray, allowing you to communicate with your friends.

FlyChat 1.1.1 FlyChat 1.1.1

FlyChat is a multi-user chat program that has advanced features like private messages, sounds, smileys, and text formatting (bold, italic and Underline Text).

ChitChat! 1.10 build 67 ChitChat! 1.10 build 67
Chin-Yu Hsu

ChitChat! is a text-based chatting software for Windows 95/NT that will allow you to connect with multiple users in real time.

Sticker 3.1.0RC1 Sticker 3.1.0RC1
Asb Labs

Sticker is a tool to send and to receive notes or messages of one or diverse users of Intranet or Internet.

MessCorruptionIM 1.0 MessCorruptionIM 1.0
Temple Of Transgression

MessCorruptionIM is a free chat utility that lets you to send and receive messages.

Quick Net Messenger 1.0 Quick Net Messenger 1.0

Quick Net Messenger is a good GUI replacer for the old and well known Windows command line utility NET SEND.

planimo 0.2 planimo 0.2
marco ferragina

Planimo is an instant messenger for private lan chats (from here its name Private LAN Instant Messenger and the final O is to italianify :) ) The package contains a server and a client based on pygtk toolkit.

OB-1 0.6 OB-1 0.6
Sumit Birla

OB-1 was developed to be used for checking whether your office mates are available for chat or discussions.