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TrilogyEC Professional Edition 1.3.0 TrilogyEC Professional Edition 1.3.0
Trilogy Solutions, Inc

The TrilogyEC Professional Edition was developed by Trilogy Solutions, Inc ( TSI ) as an absolutely FREE encrypted chat, instant messaging (IM) and file transfer application.

Meetro 0.62 Meetro 0.62

Meetro is a very useful instant messanger utility.

NetLink 3.3 NetLink 3.3
Oleg Lypkan

NetLink is an instant messenger that will allow you to communicate with other users connected across the same LAN, similar to WinPopup and Netsend but more powerful and flexible.

Mumble 0.9.4 Mumble 0.9.4
Thorvald Natvig

Mumble was designed as a low-latency, high-quality voice communication for gamers.

Total Communicator Total Communicator

Total Communicator is a free and useful multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows, based on Miranda IM client.

Karen's Alarm Clock 3.0.3 Karen's Alarm Clock 3.0.3
Karen Kenworthy

Turn your $2,000 computer into a $20 alarm clock! Set up to five different alarm times.

Chatterbox Chatterbox
Singles Limited

More features than ever before and its still free for a limited period.

Gush 1.3 Gush 1.3

Gush is a free, professional grade, cross-platform, instant messenger and newsreader contained in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

dMSN Messenger dMSN Messenger

dMSN Messenger is a Java based chat application that allows you to connect to ICQ and MSN.

TTMessenger 2.136 TTMessenger 2.136
Tri-Tel Telecommunications

TTMessenger is Tri-Tel Telecommunications flagship software solution.

GoodAIM build 17 GoodAIM build 17
Andy Visniewski

GoodAIM is a free program designed for the AIM user that adds fun and exciting features to AOL Instant Messenger.

MyEMessenger 1.1 MyEMessenger 1.1

MyEMessenger is the hottest revolutionary instant message dating service that will allow millions of people to mingle with others directly from their desktop! This product is different from other chatting services because it allows members to chat with others online immediately.

Tkabber 0.9.8 Tkabber 0.9.8
Alexey Shchepin

Tkabber is a Free and Open Source client that provides a Tcl/Tk interface to the Jabber instant messaging and presence service Tcl/Tk is a graphical scripting language that runs on the Unix, Windows, and Macintosh platforms.

Chatablanca 1.7 Chatablanca 1.7
chat rooms

Chatablanca is a mix of comic and video chat software.

Jeti 0.7.6 Beta Jeti 0.7.6 Beta
Eric de Boer

Jeti is a Java Jabber client that can support most chat features such as file transfer, group chat, emoticons, and formatted messages.

vPhone 1.0.2109 vPhone 1.0.2109
Cell Wireless Corporation

You can call from a PC to another PC absolutely free of charge.

Firefly Internet Phone 2.0.0 build 795 Firefly Internet Phone 2.0.0 build 795
Freshtel Pty Ltd

Firefly is Freshtel's fully-featured Internet Phone.

WannaChat 0.50804 WannaChat 0.50804
Thomas Huehn

Huminity 2.0 Huminity 2.0
Huminity Ltd.

Huminity is a free social networking and chat software that allows you to chat with anyone, navigate animated maps of connections and view the links of friends between you and anyone else.

tkJabber 1.0 tkJabber 1.0

tkJabber is a free version of our tkJabberPro Instant Messaging plugin for our Aethera PIM system.

Gaysenger 2.0 Gaysenger 2.0

Gaysenger is a chat client for the gay.

PhpFreeChat 1.0 beta6 PhpFreeChat 1.0 beta6

PhpFreeChat is a free and nice working chat.

VSoftMSN 2.0.2 VSoftMSN 2.0.2
MoBif Berhad

VSoftMSN helps you communicate using high-quality voice with MSN Messenger.

CrypTalk CrypTalk
Reymax Software

CrypTalk is a full-featured chat client based on strong public key cryptography.

Vector Chat 1.0 Vector Chat 1.0
Gendou Software

Vector Chat - Peer to peer chat program where you can draw to your buddies as well as type to them.