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PhpGmailDrive 0.3.0a PhpGmailDrive 0.3.0a
Rahat Ayub

PhpGmailDrive is unique web based utility that can instantly publish desired email attahment in web.

Resource Tool Kit 2.0 for Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Resource Tool Kit 2.0 for Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003
Microsoft Corporation

The Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS 2003) Resource Tool Kit adds functionality and flexibility for remote administration and configuration of an MIIS 2003 server.

WinLIRC to DScaler 1.0 WinLIRC to DScaler 1.0
TFM Group

WinLIRC to DScaler connect to WinLIRC server and send commands to DScaler.

HTAccessible 1.0 HTAccessible 1.0
Technology Lighthouse

HTAccessible is a freeware tool for use on the Windows Platform.

Saurus CMS 4.3.6 Saurus CMS 4.3.6

Saurus CMS is a content management system combining usability with technology for a broad range of web publishing and site development requirements.

ID Serve 1.02 ID Serve 1.02
Gibson Research Corporation

The Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Worm Wars of 2001 demonstrated that not all web servers are equally secure.

rss2html 3.15 rss2html 3.15
NotePage Inc

A free PHP script, converts RSS feeds to HTML.

Masked DNS 1.1.8 Beta Masked DNS 1.1.8 Beta
Karadhras Ltd

Masked DNS package includes Masked DNS Server and Masked DNS Manager.

UserManagemeNT Lite 5.4 UserManagemeNT Lite 5.4

UserManagemeNT Lite is the free version of UserManagemeNT Professional, featuring advanced user creation for Windows NT and Active Directory networks including user resources, such as home directories & shares, customizable permissions, group memberships and Exchange mailboxes.

IISPassword 1.0 IISPassword 1.0
Troxo D.o.o.

Creating secure password protected web sites on Microsoft IIS has always been difficult.

ETagFix 1.00 ETagFix 1.00

ETagFix is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or any web server that supports ISAPI filters, that cuts off part of the etag that IIS produces so that is does not change every time your computer is rebooted.

Sitemap Creator 1.22 Sitemap Creator 1.22
Konrad Papala

Sitemap Creator - Exports directory structure to a file, can be used to create sitemap of a website, or to print the contents of a folder.

Poociboo 1.0 Poociboo 1.0
Andreas Prudzilko

Poociboo is a powerful content management system, that targets especially on CSS driven websites.

SMTP Test 1.0 SMTP Test 1.0

SMTP Test is a free tool which will test an SMTP Server.

AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite 4.0 AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite 4.0
AlterWind Software

AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite is free web log analysis software.

Relax 2.80 Relax 2.80

Relax is a free GPL licensed, multi-platform web server log analyzer.

Karen's 'Net Monitor 3.5.1 Karen's 'Net Monitor 3.5.1
Karen Kenworthy

Monitor your Internet connection! This Power Tool perodically tests the web servers and e-mail servers of your choice, and attempts to download a specific page.

pgEvent 1.0.2206.37986 pgEvent 1.0.2206.37986
sunset software Ltd Liab Co

If you have Batch Scripts which are doing automated Jobs, you may wanna have that the Batch File is writing some Success or Error Messages into EventLog.

SrvAdmin 1.1 SrvAdmin 1.1
HHD Software

SrvAdmin is an advanced service controlling application.

Spotlight on Windows Spotlight on Windows
Quest Software

For a busy IT professional, it is nearly impossible to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve every component affecting Windows Operating System (OS) performance using manual methods.

HitsLog 1.2.0 HitsLog 1.2.0
Irnis Haliullin

Every webmaster wants to know how many people visit his website and whence they come.

Bulk Web Site Monitor 2.1 Bulk Web Site Monitor 2.1

CrunzhMonitor 1.7 CrunzhMonitor 1.7
Martin Schultz

CrunzhMonitor is a small software program to check the stability of your web server.

WinApacheMod 1.0 WinApacheMod 1.0

WinApacheMod is an application for creating .

ServerTalk 1.0 ServerTalk 1.0

ServerTalk is an application that allows you to communicate directly with an open TCP or UDP port on a machine.