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TunnelSC 1.0.5 TunnelSC 1.0.5

TunnelSC simulates some TCP service on your computer from some server in Internet.

Remote Desktop Sidebar Gadget for Vista Remote Desktop Sidebar Gadget for Vista

Not too long ago we released version 1.

Avvenu 2.5.06 Avvenu 2.5.06

Avvenu is the FREE new service which gives you the possibility to remotely access your home or office PC— or as many computers as you wish — from around the corner or around the world.

RemotePC Server 2.0 RemotePC Server 2.0

RemotePC Server is a free tool which makes you to control your computer from Mobile Phone over GPRS and Bluetooth.

MagicWake 1.0.0 MagicWake 1.0.0
Freeware Apps

MagicWake will allow you to use the Wake On LAN computer network standard to send a special packet across your LAN to instruct a dormant computer to power itself up.

Remote Desktop Enabler 2.0 Remote Desktop Enabler 2.0
IntelliNavigator Inc

LiveStream Grabber 1.11 LiveStream Grabber 1.11

LiveStream Grabber is a free and ultimate remote camera control solution.

Netrunner 1.0 Netrunner 1.0
Matthias Koch

Netrunner is a remote-control program with the help of which you will be able to control another pc over internet or LAN.

KLog 1.2 KLog 1.2
Klever Group

KLog is a free, open source Win32 implementation of *nix syslog daemon to support remote logging of message from syslog-enabled unix servers, routers and other networked devices and applications.

EMCO Network Favorites 1.0 EMCO Network Favorites 1.0
Emco Software

Emco Network Favorites can assist when you need to take a backup of remote machines favorites in your network, or copy some favorite link files to remote machines.

Screen Stream 1.02 Screen Stream 1.02
NCH Swift Sound

ScreenStream is a free utility which lets others 'watch' your screen while you work.

RCWS Remote Control 2.0 RCWS Remote Control 2.0
RSoft Software

RCWS Remote Control - This tool helps you to start/end applications remotely from another PC.

VNCon 1.14 VNCon 1.14
Alastair Burr

VNCon is a simple remote administration application which will allow you to monitor your PC running VNC on your LAN.

VNC Enterprise Edition Viewer for Windows 4.2.7 VNC Enterprise Edition Viewer for Windows 4.2.7
RealVNC Ltd

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing.

iRemotePC 1.0 iRemotePC 1.0

iRemotePC offers you unrestricted secure access and full view of your home/office PC via any web-browser from a distance.

Remote Screen Control 1.0 Beta Remote Screen Control 1.0 Beta

Remote Screen Control (beta) is a useful remote control software which allows you to control or view a remote computer from your desktop.

TeleDesktop 5.01 TeleDesktop 5.01

PotomacSoft TeleDesktop is a powerful and ideal choice for telecommuting and remote computer administrating.

Relay Client** Relay Client**

Relay Client 0.

FreeHelp Remote Desktop 1.0.1 FreeHelp Remote Desktop 1.0.1

FreeHelp Remote Desktop is a useful remote assistance software that can run on many network condition, such as: LAN-LAN, LAN-Internet-LAN, Internet-LAN.

VNCRobot 1.3.3 VNCRobot 1.3.3

VNCRobot is a free and easy to use application for automated software testing based on VNC technology which enables to program, verify and reproduce behavior of a remote computer via RFB protocol and generate a comprehensive report.

NTRconnect 2.0 NTRconnect 2.0

NTRconnect offers secure remote access to PC or Mac at anytime from any computer.

AdRem Freecon 5.0 AdRem Freecon 5.0
AdRem Software

Freecon is a freeware utility for fast eDirectory-enabled access to the NetWare server console that that uses IPX and TCP/IP.

LiveStream Remote Access 1.3 LiveStream Remote Access 1.3

VNC Personal Edition Viewer for Windows 4.2.7 VNC Personal Edition Viewer for Windows 4.2.7
RealVNC Ltd

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing.

Automated Internet Cafe Client 2.00.0065 Automated Internet Cafe Client 2.00.0065
jSoftware Builder

Automated Internet Cafe (AIC) allows you to remotely control your network for Internet cafes.