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SmarterMail Free Edition 3.3.2621 SmarterMail Free Edition 3.3.2621

SmarterMail is a front-runner in the Windows mail server market.

miniRelay 0.9.77d miniRelay 0.9.77d

miniRelay is a free and very easy little personal smtp server to send mails out of our machine without use our ISP smtp server that could have limits of mail size or other one.

Autoroute SMTP 1.1 Autoroute SMTP 1.1
ElcomSoft Co Ltd

Autoroute SMTP (ARS) is an application designed for automatic switching between SMTP servers depending on what network you are currently working in.

LDaemon 2.1.0 LDaemon 2.1.0
Alt-N Technologies

LDaemon is an LDAPv3 server based on open source technology.

EMail File Explorer Free Edition 0.9 beta 2 EMail File Explorer Free Edition 0.9 beta 2

EMail File Explorer is an amazing application that lets you send, upload, download, backup, synchronize and share files and folders with any non web email account.

Voodoo Chat Server 14p2 Voodoo Chat Server 14p2
Mike Parniak

Voodoo Chat is a free graphical chat community! Using web pages as a backdrop, Voodoo Chat lets you chat with old and new friends in a well-blended environment that lets you feel like you're 'in the room' without taking the emphasis away from chatting.

ODBC database plugin ODBC database plugin
AGG Software

ODBC database plugin - created for export of data received over serial computer port to compatible ODBC database.

Classic Hamster Classic Hamster
Thomas G. Liesner

Hamster is a local server for news and mail.

NMail 1.0 NMail 1.0
NMail Project

NMail is a complete mail server application that supports SMTP and IMAP 4.

Zero Calorie Mail Server 1.0.3 Zero Calorie Mail Server 1.0.3
Datazygte Inc.

This mail server currently runs only in receiver-only mode.

Home Mail Server Beta Home Mail Server Beta
ari pikivirta

Home Mail Server is a POP3/SMTP server which completes the home server software line and which should have the same kind of functionality as Home Ftp Server or Home Web Server.

XMail 1.27 XMail 1.27
Davide Libenzi

XMail is an intranet and Internet mail server.

Free SMTP Server 2.5997 Free SMTP Server 2.5997

Free SMTP Server is a SMTP server tool that allows you to send e-mails directly from your computer.

Macallan Mail Solution Macallan Mail Solution
Macallan Company

Macallan Mail Solution is a Mail Server with POP3 (Server and Retriever from Providers), IMAP server, SMTP Server, HTTP (webMail) Servers included and an AntiSpam mechanism.

Majodio Mail 1.2.49 Majodio Mail 1.2.49
Majodio Software

Majodio Mail is a SMTP/POP3 server that provides you with all the options you need.

RevilloC MailServer 1.21 RevilloC MailServer 1.21
RevilloC Solutions Ltd

RevilloC MailServer will allow you to send and collect all the e-mails for your home or office network, while saving dial-up time.

Baby POP3 Server 1.04 Baby POP3 Server 1.04
Pablo Software Solutions

Baby POP3 Server is a simple POP3 server, which doesn’t need many resources and supports most of the standard POP3 commands.

MailEnable Standard 9.05 MailEnable Standard 9.05

MailEnable Standard is a server that provides SMTP and POP3 services.

DeskNow Mail and Collaboration server 3.2.7 DeskNow Mail and Collaboration server 3.2.7

DeskNow Mail and Collaboration server is a full featured and easy to use server that can handle all the communication and collaboration needs of your company or business.

Post Office 1.21 Post Office 1.21
Glenn Delahoy

Post Office is a mail server for Windows.

hMailServer 4.4 Build 270 (Unstable) hMailServer 4.4 Build 270 (Unstable)

hMailServer is a free, powerful e-mail server created for Microsoft Windows users.

PHP SMTP Server for Windows 1.0 PHP SMTP Server for Windows 1.0
Hadi Fanaee

PHP SMTP Server is a SMTP server application that can be used as a local SMTP server or as a corporate high-performance SMTP server.