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Sendblaster Free Edition 1.4.7 Sendblaster Free Edition 1.4.7
eDisplay srl

SendBlaster is a powerful mailing list manager that will allow you to communicate with your customers and friends by creating and sending customized e-mails using your database and integrating with your web site mailing list.

Kaufman Mail Warrior 3.7 beta 1 Kaufman Mail Warrior 3.7 beta 1
Alex Kaufman

Navi's Email Extractor 1.00 Navi's Email Extractor 1.00

Navi's Email Extractoris a software which extracts the email address from your text, html , Wordpad files with ease.

BlackMail 1.0.0 BlackMail 1.0.0
Tortuga Group LLC

Delete SPAM using a domain blacklist.

TigerTom Bulk Email Software 1.0 TigerTom Bulk Email Software 1.0
T. O Donnell Inc.

Bulk email client.

Mobility Email Mobility Email
Mobility Email Team

The Mobility Email client is a secure mobile communication solution that runs without installation from virtually any location on a computer, USB stick or iPod.

Meribia WinMail Professional 1.001 Meribia WinMail Professional 1.001
Verite A. Donato

A small and simple mail client that downloads on even the slowest connections (348 KB zipped), but consists of full functionality that will satisfy most users' basic needs.

CrunzhMail 3.3 CrunzhMail 3.3
Martin Schultz

Sometimes you just need to send a quick e-mail, and it would be nice if you could send it without having to open up the big, bloated and slow-to-load e-mail clients that you normally use.

si.Mail si.Mail
Miha Vrhovnik


Lama 1.0 Lama 1.0
Emdem Technologies

Lama (LAN MAIL) is a simple application to exchange short mail messages between computers on a local area network.

Hind 2000 1.0 Hind 2000 1.0
Chime Softwares Ltd

Hind 2 is a feature-rich email client that lets you send and receive emails in three languages: English, Gujarati and Hindi! The easiest part is that to type words in Hindi / Gujarati, just spell them out phonetically, the same way that the names of Hindi Films are written in English : MAINE PYAAR KIYA, DIL TO PAAGAL HAI, JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE.

SimpleMail 2.0.3beta1 SimpleMail 2.0.3beta1

SimpleMail is the easiest e-mail client there is! SimpleMail uses UAP (Unwanted Access Protection) exclusively to SimpleMail that automatically protects you from viruses in e-mails, malicious code in e-mails, and even pictures in spam that my be offensive in content.

Outlook Express 5.0.6 Outlook Express 5.0.6

Microsoft Outlook Express puts the world of online communication on your desktop.

Maileet 1.3 Maileet 1.3
Ran Geva

Maileet is a powerful and secure file transfer tool for Windows NT4, 2000 and XP that can work even behind the strictest firewall.

Columba 1.0 Columba 1.0
Frederik Dietz & Timo Stich

Columba is an Email Client written in Java, featuring a user-friendly graphical interface with wizards and internationalization support.

Marlin Lite 1.2.12 Beta Marlin Lite 1.2.12 Beta
eSys SG

Marlin is an email client that will try to combine positive properties of other mail applications and not to contain their negative properties.

POP3 preview LITE 8.5 build 280605-080821 POP3 preview LITE 8.5 build 280605-080821
Ivan Sivak - SOFTWARE

Check of messages on the POP3 server with ability to delete message from the server, without urgency to download it.

Voodoo Chat Client 8s4 Voodoo Chat Client 8s4
Mike Parniak

Voodoo Chat is a free graphical chat community! Using web pages as a backdrop, Voodoo Chat lets you chat with old and new friends in a well-blended environment that lets you feel like you're 'in the room' without taking the emphasis away from chatting.

MaiLander 1.1 MaiLander 1.1
King Kassle

MaiLandeR is an unique e-mail client.

Phoenix Mail 0.93 alpha 10 Phoenix Mail 0.93 alpha 10
Michael Haller

Phoenix Mail is a totally free e-mail application developed with Borland Delphi to send, compose, forward and easily manage your mail.


MAILCMD is a useful and reliable DOS command that will send mail (option for SMS4Mail members : send SMS notice after being executed).

Thinc Mail 1.06 Thinc Mail 1.06
Thinc Technology

Thinc-Mail is Thinc Technologies' an email client that offers a direct replacement to current email clients on the market today with a look and feel similar to Microsoft’s Outlook or Outlook Express included is the added ability to share your common email address books with the whole office.

DB Mail Director 1.0 DB Mail Director 1.0
Yuriy I. Bychkovskyy

DB Mail Director - sometimes it is necessary to create and send a set of e-mail messages, but each of these messages differs from any other one only in some details.

Dliveo Beta Dliveo Beta

Since the dawn of computers, there has been a basic need to get files from one person to another.

M2M 3.3 M2M 3.3

Many2Many is a free tool which allows you to send easily through email, many files to many recipients.