Chatablanca 1.7

Chatablanca 1.7 Screenshot Chatablanca is a mix of comic and video chat software.

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Chatablanca is a mix of comic and video chat software. It is organized in rooms of maximum six persons: Three male and three female.

People in the same room can talk while they watch each other. Every three seconds or so, Chatablanca refreshes your picture with a new snapshot.

You can move around the room, vote negatively or positively your roommates.

If you like someone you can add him/her to your Buddy List for future sessions.

Chatablanca features
  • Chat with many people simultaneously and see their faces!
  • Equal number of males & females.
  • Rate and expel any annoying roommate.
  • Move to friend's room or invite him/her to your room.

  • camera, Internet connection

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    Chatablanca 1.7 screenshot

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    Chatablanca 1.7 Chatablanca 1.7
    chat rooms

    Chatablanca is a mix of comic and video chat software.

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    Chatablanca 1.7 Chatablanca 1.7
    chat rooms

    Chatablanca is a mix of comic and video chat software.

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