MSGTAG 1.4.4

MSGTAG 1.4.4 Screenshot MSGTAG alerts you the moment an email you've sent is opened.

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MSGTAG alerts you the moment an email you've sent is opened. You'll know when the message was viewed, when it was sent, and the elapsed time in between.

The beauty of MSGTAG is that you don't have to change anything about the way you write or send your email. In fact you'll hardly even know it's there - a small icon in your system tray is the only indication that MSGTAG is working quietly in the background. It works with almost all desktop email clients including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Pegasus Mail.

MSGTAG runs in the background while you send your email as usual. This means that you don't have to write your message into a strange little box, or alter email addresses before you send anything. One of the best things about MSGTAG is that your friends don't need to do anything different either. There are no annoying pop-up windows asking them to send a notification back to you - all they see is a small MSGTAG footer stating that you've been notified of them having received the message.

When using MSGTAG your privacy is respected. Our technology guarantees that your messages remain just as private as usual. At no stage do we ever have access to your messages - your email goes straight from you to the intended recipient, without passing through our servers. No storing. No peeping. No handing your email address out to anyone. For more information you can check out our comprehensive privacy policy.

MSGTAG is professionally and stylishly designed and has helpful wizards to guide you through configuring MSGTAG to match your requirements. The unique capsule design makes MSGTAG as easy to use as a light switch.

WORKS with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, or Netscape Mail which uses the SMTP protocol. Please note that Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL and similar services CANNOT run MSGTAG.You can send tagged messages to Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL addresses, and use these services to receive your receipts, but you cannot send tagged messages from these services.

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MSGTAG 1.4.4 screenshot

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MSGTAG 1.4.4 MSGTAG 1.4.4

MSGTAG alerts you the moment an email you've sent is opened.

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MSGTAG 1.4.4 MSGTAG 1.4.4

MSGTAG alerts you the moment an email you've sent is opened.

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