qSong 0.8.1

qSong 0.8.1 Screenshot qSong is a free and useful song database program with multimedia features.

Developer:   Daniel Hladek
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Price:  0.00
License:   GPL
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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qSong is a free and useful song database program with multimedia features.

qSong features
  • Store and manage song lyrics
  • One song can have multiple versions
  • Song can have related songs
  • Copyright information - authors and ccli
  • Comprehensive authors database
  • Attachment of multimedia files (sound files, picures, tabs...)
  • Searching and sorting songs in many cathegories using tree view of the database
  • Grouping songs in songbooks
  • Every item in database can have comments

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    qSong is a free and useful song database program with multimedia features.

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