Karaoke Manager 1.21

Karaoke Manager 1.21 Screenshot Karaoke Manager is a database tool designed for karaoke files formatted as .

Developer:   Henry Bartlett
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Karaoke Manager is a database tool designed for karaoke files formatted as .kar, .st3, .kfn or .mp3.

Karaoke Manager features
  • store the key information about your
  • song files in a single location.
  • search all the drives attached to your computer looking for Karaoke song-files
  • save and read different song lists,
  • play the songs using karaoke player(s) installed on your computer,
  • produce lists selected by language or other feature and sorted by title, artist or ID code.
  • print out these lists to help your audience choose the songs they wish to sing or hear.
  • manage song-files

    Karaoke Manager is simple and easy to use and has a comprehensive help file

    NOTE: Karaoke Manager is available in English and Swedish versions

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    Karaoke Manager 1.21 screenshot

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    Karaoke Manager is a database tool designed for karaoke files formatted as .

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