Extended Talk 1.0.151

Extended Talk 1.0.151 Screenshot Extended Talk is a free and useful Google Talk plugin.

Developer:   mEo
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Extended Talk is a free and useful Google Talk plugin.

ET, short for Extended Talk (and for Extra-Terrestrial), is an application developed by two of the moderators from customizetalk.com: Vikke and mEo.

Extended Talk features
  • Easy button: A button added to the chat windows gives easy access to ET's features
  • Active Status: Dynamically change the status of your Google Talk.
  • You can add the current time, the latest RSS news, or even what you are currently browsing
  • Custom images: Send images with Google Talk (Like big emoticons).
  • Your friends also need ET for this feature to work
  • File Transfer: Transfer files between two users using ET
  • /commands: such as: /signout, /away and /1337
  • Smileys: Replace the blue text smilies with graphical ones!
    (you can also use your own set of smilies) (only visible locally)
  • Desktop friends: Floating contacts on your desktop like Messenger Plus
  • Boss protection: Hides all Google Talk windows with a press of the shortcut key
  • Locking: Lock Google Talk to prevent anyone from accessing it
  • Font color: Change the color of the text you send (only visible locally)
  • Chat Background color changer: Change the white background area and the typing area in chat windows to whatever you want (only visible locally)
  • Shortcuts: Quickly enters your date, time, IP, Google Talk version, or operation system.
  • Text filtering: Want to speak 1337? This is the feature for you
  • Transparency: Make Google Talk see trough
  • Text Recall: Recall the last 5 things you typed.
  • Underline support: Adds the ability to use underline, a feature left out of Google Talk (only visible locally)
  • Bold and Italic support: Adds Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I shortcuts, instantly making text bold and/or italic
  • Run at startup: Extended Talk will run every time you start your computer
  • And last but not least: Extended Talk is free and contains no spyware, adware

  • VB Runtime

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    Extended Talk 1.0.151 screenshot

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    Extended Talk 1.0.151 Extended Talk 1.0.151

    Extended Talk is a free and useful Google Talk plugin.

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    Extended Talk is a free and useful Google Talk plugin.

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