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Encrypted FTP Screenshot EFTP stands for Encrypted File Transfer Protocol.

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EFTP stands for Encrypted File Transfer Protocol. Basically, it's the same as standard FTP (RFC 959), but with Encryption.

Encrypted FTP is a software that allows you encrypt ftp transfer.

EFTP uses a combination of Public Key encryption and Symmetric Key encryption to allow fast and secure transfers over any TCP/IP network, including The Internet.

NOTE: EFTP cannot legally be used in France.

EFTP is also able to work in non-encrypted mode with 3rd party FTP clients and servers, but to obtain the most secure level of data transfer, EFTP has to be used both at the client end and server end.

EFTP offers an easy to use graphical interface with user management, user groups, group administration and more. The server can be run as a strictly encrypted server, or like a regular FTP server that allows connections from standard FTP clients as well.

A small, standalone client is included with the download, that can be used to initiate a secure connection to EFTP obtain the most secure level of data transfer. EFTP also includes several advanced features like IP restrictions, logging, banned user list and more.

Encrypted FTP features
  • Secure Transfers
    World standard and secure RSA encryption encodes the control channel, and Bruce Schneier's Blowfish encryption for data transfers.

  • Secure SSL based Web Administration Portal
    For easy access to basic server administration tools, including stopping/starting the server, and current activity monitoring.

  • High Speed
    Unlike other SSH tunneling FTP solutions, Blowfish encryption and decryption is much faster and less CPU intensive, so transfers speeds are blindingly fast, and can easily support most corporate internet links.

  • Intruder Detection
    Whilst you are providing a service, you will always get the odd person who will try to guess user authentication. Intruder Detection will automatically ban IP addresses from trying to authenticate after a number of unsuccessful attempts.

  • Enforceable "Terms and Conditions"
    You can optionally make users that connect agree to terms and conditions of use on the site. The user has to reply accordingly, or they will be denied access.

  • Resume uploads & downloads
    Not all network conditions are perfect. EFTP has the ability to resume downloads as well as uploads for interrupted transfers.

  • Highly configurable client & server
    Fine tune your program to your liking in almost every way imaginable. Include login messages, logout messages, speed restrictions and download limits.

  • Works with other FTP Clients/Servers
    To achieve encryption, EFTP must be used at both client and server, however you can use both the Client and Server in non-encrypted mode with other popular Clients/Servers

    Note: The client is free to use for home or business/corporate use.

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    Authors software

    Encrypted FTP Encrypted FTP
    Lester Clayton Limited

    EFTP stands for Encrypted File Transfer Protocol.

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    EFTP stands for Encrypted File Transfer Protocol.

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