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Web Encrypt 2.5 Screenshot As Internet has more and more influence on our lives and bussiness every day, it became important factor in global economy.

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As Internet has more and more influence on our lives and bussiness every day, it became important factor in global economy. It created a new dimension not only in economics, but in almost every field of social activities. Presenting your company on the Internet, as a new advertising strategy, caused rapid increase of Web sites. So, Web design as a new occupation became very profitable, and the number of people designing Web sites also increased.

Every Web designer has it's own methods of creating Web pages, based on experience gained through the hard work. So, it became important to ensure originality, knowledge and developed methods from the others. Because of this need, Web Encrypt is ideal solution, as it offers protection of both HTML code and scripts using special encrypting algorithm.

Many online companies are offering their services (like online tutorial, books and many other) to increase traffic on their sites. This will cause more people will see comercials (banners) advertising various companies. Thus, main goal of these previously mentioned online companies is to increase their traffic.

If some company is offering, for example, online tutorials, they want their users constantly visiting these tutorials, not just downloading and viewing them localy. That's beacuse users will more often see banners, causing bigger probability for banner clicks, for which the companies are paid.

There Web Encrypt takes place - securing online content from viewing these pages localy, viewing HTML and Javascript code or saving the images from the pages.

Moreover, the compression that Web Encrypt provides will reduce download time up to 4 times, this way enabling that even more users browse the site at the same time(server's overload limit is dramaticaly decreased).

Web Encrypt features
  • Required time for the high-end computer to break the protection of the encrypted page is one month. This program uses complex algorithm, based on the algorithm used mostly in military and counterintelligence organizations. Because of that, it's superior to other programs, and it cannot be broken using letter frequency analizator or some other methods. Also, decoding is still quick.
  • No need to have any plug-in installed to see encrypted pages. You clients don't need to have additional plug-ins or programs installed, just Java compatible browser (like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator...).
  • Three layer protection Using three phased algorithm (code optimization, compression and encryption) your page will be ultimately protected
  • New! Upgraded decoder; Version 2.4 is using upgraded decoder which is also much better protected.
  • Web Encrypt 2 has built-in compression, so your pages will be up to 4 times smaller! Web Pressure┬«, algorithm used for comression, is also our product, and the result of the scientific research (paper will be presented on conference "Applied Mathematics" in June 2002)
  • Folder encryption. Now, you can encrypt entire folders with its subfolders (recursively).
  • URL lock. When this option is enabled, encrypted Web page will be seen properly only on the specified URL. Even when somebody saves that page, he will not be able to see it localy.
  • Domain lock is similar to previous option, but, you don't have to specify exact URL for each page. Very useful when you are encrypting a folder.
  • Encrypted pages are language independent. Information about the code page will be preserved, and you encrypted pages will also support specified code page.
  • Password protection is an option which prompts client who is opening the page to enter valid password. If the password is not correct, page will not be displayed properly.
  • Support for large files; you can code and open files over 500 kB - Internet Explorer will open it in a few seconds.
  • All 256 ASCII characters are supported. That means there is no possibility that some special characters won't be seen.
  • Disable right mouse button clicks. This options will prevent stealing the images from your pages.
  • Disable text selection - making impossible to select any part of the text from the page.
  • Disable page printing - even if someone tries to print the encrypted page, he'll get only blank paper.
  • Disable drag & drop - completely protect your images using this feature
  • Disable image toolbar - Internet Explorer 6 has this option which displays the toolbar over the image. This way you can save, print of email the image. Using 'Disable image toolbar' option will prevent displaying this toolbar.
  • No cache Your pages will not be stored in cache memory
  • Search engines friendly - Metas tag are preserved and placed at the beginning of the document, so search engines can found keyword and rate you page.
  • You don't have to care about document syntax and structure - code analyzer can recognize a lot of HTML tags, comments and other.
  • Code cleaning - code analyzer will remove all redundant code (comments, sequental new lines or blanks...)
  • Completely new professionally designed Graphical User Interface. New aqua-buttons along with the background will give a pleasant look-and-feel. Also, GUI is very easy to use!
  • Progress bars will indicate the remaining percentage to complete the work. And, you can stop or pause the process at any time you want!!! Normally, when you stop the process, everything will be return to normal (previous) state.
  • Backup of files and folders is made, so your original files are saved and reversible process is possible.
  • Complete statictics about done processes. Stored in a form of the textual file, you can read complete report about the process: date and time, options selected, relative paths and names of all the encrypted files, overall length of the original files, overall length of the encrypted files, compression ratio.
  • You can DECRYPT pages. Program wil recognize if the selected file (or folder) has been encrypted, and by only hitting the button, whole folder (or file) will be returned like it was before the encryption!!
  • New registration method

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    Web Encrypt 2.5 Web Encrypt 2.5

    As Internet has more and more influence on our lives and bussiness every day, it became important factor in global economy.

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