TGA Tool 1.1

TGA Tool 1.1 Screenshot Edit and view 32-bit TGA images using TGA Tool.

Developer:   Leadwerks Software
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Edit and view 32-bit TGA images using TGA Tool. Load an alpha channel from a file, or create one based on pixel brightness, mask color, or uniform transparency level.


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Download TGA Tool 1.1

 Download TGA Tool 1.1

Authors software

TGA Tool 1.1 TGA Tool 1.1
Leadwerks Software

Edit and view 32-bit TGA images using TGA Tool.

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TGA Tool 1.1 TGA Tool 1.1
Leadwerks Software

Edit and view 32-bit TGA images using TGA Tool.

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