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Developer:   Duck Communication Entertainment S.r.l.
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Price:  0.00
License:   Freeware
File size:   0K
OS:   Windows Vista (?)
Rating:   0 /5 (0 votes) is a tool to search for information on the Internet which can use up to nine of the Web's most popular search engines at the same time.

You type in the key words you want to search for into a simple, user-friendly interface and the application takes a single syntax, runs it through all the search engines and reports back with a list of results found. is designed both for simple and advanced searches. In both cases resolves the problems caused by the fact that different search engines use different parameters, by summarizing them into one simpler syntax.

This means the user saves time and resources as he can use the various engines without having to learn the specific details of each one. offers the user a number of important advantages, the most obvious being that you don't have to know lots of different syntaxes to be able to use as many as nine search engines at the same time.

But you can also verify the reachability of the results found, save searches so you consult them again in the future, print the results of a search, impose criteria regarding logging onto the web and conducting Internet searches and choose which search engines you want to consult.

It is possible to save on one XML-formatted document a whole list of results - or just select the results you are most interesting - so you can consult it again quickly.

Documents created in this way can then be exported to other applications, such as databases. allows you to check which of the results obtained are reachable and see which are temporarily unavailable and which are permanently unavailable.

Depending on the information obtained, the application will use different colours to highlight the various states of availability.

Here are some key features of "SE net":

  • Simple, user-friendly user interface
  • Ability to insert search filters
  • Automatic AND, OR and EXACT MATCH searches
  • Search using boolean operators with one syntax for all of the search engines consulted
  • Save searches done for future consultation
  • Consult nine search engines at the same time
  • Ability to set search options
  • Ability to search for phrase and word among the results obtained
  • Print a search in a customizable format
  • Complete online help service
  • Verify the effective reachability of results
  • Ability to attach text notes to any result
  • Multiple connections to search engines for maximum results speed
  • Rapid display of results in list form, detailed display of individual results
  • Monitor the search strings

  • MSXML 4.0

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