Random MixTape Maker

Random MixTape Maker Screenshot Random MixTape Maker will allow you to create custom playlists from multiple mp3 files on your computer.

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Random MixTape Maker will allow you to create custom playlists from multiple mp3 files on your computer.

You can use these playlists to burn fresh, always new compilations to a CD or drag & drop to your portable mp3 player, or just save a playlist for your listening pleasure. You have complete control as to how the playlists are created. Controlling such things as song length, compilation size, compilation length, and files/directories you want to exclude allows you to custom tailor playlist creation to fit your needs.

Making "mix tapes" is as old an idea as the tape recorder itself; Random MixTape Maker was made to create a completely unique list of your favorite songs every time you use it, thus taking the hassle of searching through specific songs every time you want to make a mix of your own. Use it to make fresh mixes for your own listening pleasure, or use it to turn your friends on to your genre of music.

Random MixTape Maker features
  • Limit created playlist by total song duration (good for burning audio CDs)
  • Limit created playlist by filesize (good for burning mp3 CDs/DVDs)
  • Limit minimum and maximum durations of songs to include
  • Recursively searches directories; easy to search one or many.
  • Flexible blacklist let's you easily skip songs or directories you don't want to include.
  • Full drag+drop support into the program and from the program out to other apps.
  • It's fast - just keep hitting the randomize button till you get a playlist you like.
  • Can randomize existing playlists instead of directories if you prefer.
  • Output displays mp3 tag info or file paths.
  • Creates playlist files or plain text output.
  • Double click to preview a song from the constructed playlist.

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