QBrowser 1.8

QBrowser 1.8 Screenshot QBrowser is a web browser for power users.

Developer:   WoLoSoft International
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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QBrowser is a web browser for power users. Based on Microsoft Internet Explorer, it can open multiple web pages at the same time. Using its powerful scripting capabilites, you can automate tasks and you can even modify web pages while you visit them. The modified result can be saved to disk.

QBrowser is an interesting multi-document browser based on the Microsoft Web Browser control. It allows you to open many web pages simultanously. Through the windows list you can easily switch between different views.

The Scripting interface provides access to the content of loaded HTML documents for analysis or modification of these documents. The interface can be used with JavaScript, VBScript, Perl or any other programming language supported by Windows Scripting Host.

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QBrowser 1.8 screenshot

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QBrowser 1.8 QBrowser 1.8
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QBrowser is a web browser for power users.

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