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Public Mail2Contact 1.2 Screenshot Public Mail2Contact is an addon for Microsoft Outlook.

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Public Mail2Contact is an addon for Microsoft Outlook. Public Mail2Contact generates Outlook contacts from already existing e-mails and verifies whether the e-mail-address is already saved in Outlook.

Here are some key features of "Public Mail2Contact for Outlook":

  • Conversion of e-mails to contacts of Outlook
  • How often did you communicate with each contact?
  • Are my Outlook contacts up to date?
  • Does there exist an Outlook contact for every person with which you had e-mail contact?
  • Do you have a complete list of Outlook contacts for a newsletter?

    Adequate filters prevent Public Mail 2 Contact from creating doubles in Outlook® during conversion. The usage of individual blacklist filters permits to exclude specific e-mail-addresses, domains or suffixes. This helps to avoid the continuous visualization of the same domains or e-mail addresses during conversion.

    Public Mail2Contact is compatible with all versions of Outlook, Public ShareFolder or Microsoft Exchange Server. Especially users of Outlook, Public ShareFolder and Exchange wanting to convert data from multiple e-mail folders can select complete folders with subfolders.

    All the e-mail addresses imported from Outlook can be sorted according to different criteria through the use of a special editor. The sorting criteria may be the e-mail-addresses, the domain, the names, number of e-mails or the suffix.

    In this way you see which contact has sent most e-mails, from which domain or company most e-mails come in, or you may group the contacts according to countries, because the suffix (.de, .at, etc.) may also be used as a sorting criterion of this Outlook addon, BEFORE converting the contacts to Outlook.

    Public Mail2Contact is a very useful Outlook addon for the preparation of newsletters and for a statistical analysis of e-mail traffic. Many contacts are lost because it is difficult to import contact data from e-mails to Outlook efficiently. Who knows exactly which contact has sent how many e-mails and thus consumed the biggest amount of time?

    This Outlook addon is inspired by daily experience: It helps you to transfer the e-mail addresses from thousands of e-mails most efficiently to Outlook?

  • Microsoft Outlook

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