FunToosh Screenshot FunToosh - The funny Peer to Peer file sharing software.

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FunToosh - The funny Peer to Peer file sharing software. FunToosh will work on the Gnutella Network.

FunToosh features
  • Firewall to Firewall Transfers
  • Memory Profiler - PC Optimizer
  • VideoToons Game - Downloading made exciting
  • Extended Connections - Increase download speeds
  • Amazing themes - Unique never before themes
  • Unique Car Buttons - For that special funny feeling
  • One Search - One search across artists, album, genre,etc
  • Playlists - Create playlists for MP3 files
  • Ease of use - just install, run, search and download
  • TRUE Search - Unlike others, multiple instances of a file counted as one
  • 'On the Fly' Search Filter - Filter results while searching
  • "Swarm" downloads - Download from multiple Hosts
  • Preview - Preview files while downloading
  • Bitzi lookup - Find more about the files you are downloading
  • Upload Control - Control what to Upload and to whom
  • Unique Host Filter -Ban hosts producing fake results
  • Favorite Hosts - Mark your own favorite hosts
  • Integrated chat - Chat while downloading
  • Browse hosts - Browse hosts to find what they have for sharing
  • Direct connections - Connect directly to a computer
  • GWebCache, a distributed connection system
  • Hit Snooping - Search Query traffic for more results
  • Shared Library - Share only what you want

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    FunToosh FunToosh

    FunToosh - The funny Peer to Peer file sharing software.

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