Duax Lite 98

Duax Lite 98 Screenshot Duax Lite is a simplified and free implementation of the more complete Duax Pro software.

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Duax Lite is a simplified and free implementation of the more complete Duax Pro software. The main purpose of the program is to provide an audible alarm when an Internet connection is established using a dial-up modem.

Duax Lite is a software that notice you when the internet connection is broken.

Duax Lite is especially useful if you have more than one computer connected in a local area network that is sharing a single modem. Without an audible alarm one of the computers (the ones without the modem) or some software running in the background might establish unintentional and unnoticed modem connections. Duax Lite also shows your own IP-address and the time spent online during the current Internet session.

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Duax Lite 98 screenshot

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