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ColorPic 007 Screenshot Ever tried using a color picker on a high resolution monitor? It's impossible.

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Ever tried using a color picker on a high resolution monitor? It's impossible. That's why this color picker has a magnifier attached. Control it from the keyboard and grab up to 16 colors at once.

ColorPic is a software that allows you grab a color from desktop.

The color is displayed in decimal and hexadecimal values, with Red, Green and Blue constituent parts. The Hue, Saturation and Lightness is also shown in the textboxes on the right.

If a color chip has been grabbed you can edit any of these values in the textboxes to change the color. If your color is not a websafe color the 'Snap to Websafe' button becomes enabled. If your color happens to be one of the named HTML colors then that color will be displayed.

The Magnify section contains a configurable magnifier that makes grabbing colors simple. You can change the magnification factor by changing the dropdown.

Specifying 'Hi-Lite' or 'Grid' overlay a central square or grid on top of the magnifier, which you can use to help pick a color. You can the change the colors of these overlays by clicking the color squares to the left of the checkboxes. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard you can nudge the mouse pointer to help choose a value.

ColorPic features
  • Easily pick any color from the screen
  • Colors shown in hex and decimal
  • Hue, Saturation and Lightness values
  • Easy to use with any other program
  • Resizable magnification area
  • Overlay a grid for quick pick alignment
  • Use arrow keys to nudge mouse pointer
  • Save multiple palettes of colors automatically
  • WebSafe Colors are displayed
  • Snap to nearest WebSafe color
  • Web color names displayed
  • Edit colorpicker values after selection easily
  • Easy to use collapsable sections

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    ColorPic 007 ColorPic 007

    Ever tried using a color picker on a high resolution monitor? It's impossible.

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