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Banks Base 1.0 Screenshot Banks database with search, filter and sorting possibilities.

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Banks database with search, filter and sorting possibilities. Contains 9 databases in one:
- US banks ABA numbers (25,871 records)
- US banks routing numbers (26,197 records)
- MasterCard bank identification numbers (17,297 records)
- VISA bank identification numbers (35,154 records)
- American Express bank identification numbers (1,215 records)
- US ZIP codes (70,884 records)
- US busy phones (11,784 records)
- US states (65 records)
- UK states (114 records)

Bank Identification Number, BIN - first 6 digits from card number. You can identify any credit/debit card.Banks Base is a bank database with search, filter and sorting possibilities.

For ABA numbers, database has these kind of data:
ABA number, bank name, bank address, bank city, bank state, bank zip, bank phone.
For routing numbers:
routing number, bank name, bank city, bank state, bank phone.
For MasterCard BINs:
BIN, bank name, bank country, bank phone.
BIN, bank name, bank country, card type 1, card type 2, bank phone.
For American Express BINs:
BIN, bank country (always USA), card type (gold, optima, platinum...), bank phone.
For US ZIP codes:
city, state, ZIP code, county.
For US busy phones:
state, city, phone.
For US states:
state (2 letters), state full name.
For UK states:
state name, country (England, Ireland, Scotland...).

It's possible to make search, filter or sort base by any of this field or some fields together.
Also you can add any notes with some text formatting and colors. This text will be saved automatically.
Program supports skins and includes 24 themes. Also it's possible to use .msstyles themes.

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Authors software

Banks Base 1.0 Banks Base 1.0
Mars Software

Banks database with search, filter and sorting possibilities.

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Banks database with search, filter and sorting possibilities.

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