ASP2HTML 1.0 Screenshot ASP2HTML is an easy to use application which lets you convert ASP to HTML.

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ASP2HTML is an easy to use application which lets you convert ASP to HTML.

Starting at the URL you've entered, ASP2HTML loads the ASP page into an HTML document. It scans the downloaded HTML document, and extracts links to other ASP pages on the same server. Each of these links is patched so it refers to an HTML page on the server.

The HTML document is saved, with an HTML extension, to the output directory and each of the above links is visited and the process repeated.

Additionally, ASP2HTML searches the HTML document for other linked documents (e.g. style sheets, images, zip files) and makes a copy of those files to the appropriate location in the output directory.

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ASP2HTML 1.0 screenshot

Download ASP2HTML 1.0

 Download ASP2HTML 1.0

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ASP2HTML is an easy to use application which lets you convert ASP to HTML.

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ASP2HTML is an easy to use application which lets you convert ASP to HTML.

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