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Raptor Audio - A free .NET CD ripper

Raptor Audio features
  • Rip Audio files from CD to MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, APE, MPEG4, AIFF, AU and WAV. All have a configurable output for CBR and VBR outputs if applicable.
  • Includes integrated CD Player for playing back audio tracks.
  • Raptor Audio supports lookups to FreeDB in order to retrieve Artist/Album information for the CD. Raptor Audio can be configured to automatically query FreeDB.
  • Sleek intuitive Windows XP style interface allows easy extraction of audio data.
  • Raptor Audio supports ID3v2 tagging of ripped MP3 files. Also supports WMA Tags, OGG tags for FLAC and Vorbis, APE tags, and MPEG4 metadata(tags).

    Note: Raptor Audio is licensed only for non-commercial, personal use.

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    Raptor Audio 2.0 screenshot

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    Raptor Audio 2.0 Raptor Audio 2.0
    Raptor Audio

    Raptor Audio - A free .

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    Raptor Audio 2.0 Raptor Audio 2.0
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    Raptor Audio - A free .

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