Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1

Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1 Screenshot Empathy is a virtual jukebox.

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Empathy is a virtual jukebox. It allows you to extract your audio CDs to MP3 format, managing them as complete albums (along with accompanying CD artwork). Access your music using a simple yet powerful interface that is as close to a Jukebox as we think you can get (CD and play list styles also supported). You can compile play lists or create random ones, view your album covers, print a catalogue of your music collection.

Empathy features several different interfaces to allow the easiest access to your stored music files.

CD player style - Allows the user to select albums as though loading a CD into a player and similar in interface to most popular CD player applications. It differs by allowing you to switch between all your albums in an instant.

Play-list style - Allows the user to compile play lists of individual tracks from across their entire music collection. Select an album and track and click to add to the list.

Random play-list style - Allows the user to compile a random play-list from either the entire collection or from a selected list of albums.

Jukebox style - This mode simulates a classic jukebox, allowing the user to browse through album covers and pick tracks.

EMPRIP (included) imports music from your CDs to your collection, allowing you to add album cover images, download the track listings from the internet and modify them if necessary.

You can optionally take the time to input information about your albums including Genre, Artist type, Date and Record label among others. With this information present, Empathy can filter the list of available albums to only include those that fit the criteria you select. Empathy also lets you store additional artwork from the album.

Other features include: Album selection by front cover thumbnails. Multiple user support. CD Burning support. Play list save/load. Scanner support. Speech synthesis DJ. LAN and removable media support. Printing of album artwork and CD jewel cases.

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Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1 screenshot

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Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1 Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1
Librarysmith Software

Empathy is a virtual jukebox.

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Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1 Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1
Librarysmith Software

Empathy is a virtual jukebox.

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Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1 Empathy Jukebox Lite 1.1
Librarysmith Software

Empathy is a virtual jukebox.